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Montre-nous ce sur quoi tu travailles actuellement ou informe la communauté lorsque tu as publié une mise à jour pour ton mod. Ou bien tu veux partager avec nous de magnifiques photos de ton atterrissage ?

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Steeler posted this
1 day(s) ago

Sky Dolly 0.5 has just been released: it reduces memory usage by grouping simulation variables into request groups, supports new simulation variables like cowl flaps and wing folding and beautifies the UI a bit.

Mriya posted this
2 day(s) ago

Risuali's Doha enhancement 2.0 is coming soon online! It's still far from complete, but since it is requiring so much time i deciced to pubblish it in a few days.. after that, i will continue to improve the quality with severals updates! Here's some previews of the actual state. Hope you'll like it!

Tribalowski posted this
3 day(s) ago

Prepare your inflatables for the release of downtown Hamburg today at 20:00 CET!
For further updates on this or other projects, join the TRIEXP-Discord: https://discord.gg/Dk8muqGxyB

Mriya posted this
5 day(s) ago

Testing new ground enhancements for the main terminal gates at Doha..

aviationeh posted this
6 day(s) ago

Textures have begun on the 727-200 project! Join our discord to see the progress: https://discord.gg/X6wN7qSqGQ

bagolu posted this
6 day(s) ago

The bush kit version of the Cessna 172 has been released last week.
It will soon have an update to fix details with the animations, textures, etc.
If you fly this plane and have suggestions for the flight model, I'm all ears.




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