A human error occurred in Innsbruck, causing three herds of animals to escape from the local zoo. They scattered into the surrounding forests and headed north to Germany. One of the zoo workers tracked them across the border. Here she subsequently hired a pilot from a private company. From the helicopter, the operation will be more successful. Your task is to find a herd of elephants, giraffes, and polar bears.

IMPORTANT!!!!!! Airbus H135 Helicopter Project is required: (Not included) https://flightsim.to/file/8970/airbus-h135-helicopter-project

I would like to introduce my search and rescue mission, and it will be your task to find lost animals in south Germany.

Copy folders: lostzoo and lost-zoo to community folder.


Although this mission is technically a bush trip, it has nothing to do with the bush trip. The mission will not lead you by the hand. You will get some basic information and you will have to look for the lost animals. How you do it is up to you. The VFR map does not contain any info about animals' location and NavLog is intentionally turned off. The mission can take few minutes but also hours, depending on how you decide. Read the documentation for the rescue operation, plan your route yourself, create your own flight plan. The mission will end when you find all animal's and then land at the departure airport, shut down engines and battery.

- You can only return when you find all three herds.
- Use the provided map. You will find places to look.
- When searching, do not fly more than 500 feet above the ground. Otherwise, the target may be overlooked.
- To complete the mission, land on the runway, turn off the engine, battery and wait.
- Copilot will warn you if you enter the right search area.
-If the leg restarts or you crash, it is necessary to play the whole mission again and delete the save file in \LocalState\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES (same root folder as Community folder). Otherwise, custom sounds will not work.

Check my other creations: https://flightsim.to/profile/DonDone/uploads

Created by using the f99mlu’s Bush Mission Generator program.