Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take your TBM-930 on a tour of the world's capital cities;
- No intermediate fuel stops.  You must stop at a capital .
- A capital may only be visited once.
- You must land at the closest airfield to the capital city, excluding military airstrips and runways shorter than 2500 feet.  

The included flight plan does this, Starting from Ottowa, Canada and ending on South Tarowa in the South Pacific.  The longest leg on this trip is from Suriname to Cape Verde, at 1968 nautical miles.  Below are my observed performance figures for the TBM.  Unless you have a big headwind, you should make it.

FL300 - Throttle: 60% ExpRng = 2077 nm
FL300 - Throttle: 70% ExpRng = 2011 nm
FL320 - Throttle: 60% ExpRng = 2082 nm
FL320 - Throttle: 70% ExpRng = 2027 nm

The last condition can often mean not landing at the nice new international airport outside of the city, but at an old airstrip in the middle of town (Example: New Delhi, where the closest airstrip is Safdarjung just a mile from parliament).  But that's more fun than huge 13,000 foot runways with ILS, right?

The only alternative stock aircraft that has the range and can land on 2500 ft runways is the Baron G58, which has a lot more range (up to 2800 miles) but is a lot slower.  Your choice.

The included files are all flightplan or excel files - nothing to put in the community folder.  Just unzip into whichever directory you keep your flightplans.

Included Files:
- 000-World Capitol Tour.xlsx - Detailed itinerary table
- World Capitols Tour.lnmpln - General itinerary in Little Navmaps
- Each of the 191 legs has a numbered PLN files with set parking spot and waypoints set.  The last waypoint before the destination will be at a convenient STAR entry point (if available) if you want to throw in a full Arrival/Approach.  The Working Title mod below is a big help to do this.

Required Add-Ons:
Seychelles Airports
Current Version 0.9 by McBolid 
NVVV - Bauerfield - Port Vila - Vanuatu
Current Version 0.3.0 by Ape42 

Recommended Add-Ons:
G3000     Fixes and enhancements for the stock G3000 avionics package     v0.7.3     
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Makes the nav system much more usable for on-the-fly flightplan/approach changes, among other improvements.  In fact all 4 packs on that page are recommended, and they are free.
TBM-930 HellCat Livery
Current Version 2.0 by Fredo 
What's the point going around the world unless you look sexy doing it?
REX Weather Force 2020
Increases imersion level with realistic weather updates as you fly.  It's not free, but worth it IMHO.

Enjoy the trip!

PS: Question, should I make this into a mega-BushTrip?