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Version 1.1.1
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Dernière mise à jour November 26, 2021
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  • Version 1.1.1 November 26, 2021

    - Can be launched even if FS is not launched. AutotrackIR will wait for FS to be ready.
    - Remove unless checks (when you are in map view for example).
    - Less logs. For example if you pause your TrackIR, FS will legitimately deactivate it and since there is no way to know it, AutoTrackIR will reactivate it. This process will loop until you exit the break, which will generate a lot of unnecessary logs.

  • Sorti November 23, 2021

    La première version de ce fichier vient de sortir. Bienvenue à bord !

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21 Commentaires

Windows Defender is flagging the executable as containing a Trojan at this time. 😱 OP might want to repack it cleanly.

Thank you very much for this! Works very well until Asobo fixes the issue.

works fine! thank you so much!

Great brute force fix for the issue. I like it. Unfortunately it can't fully fix the mess Asobo made here, since the camera still resets back to the default position, but it's much much better.

I don't know the simconnect details, but if there was a way to capture the camera offset just before TrackIR gets disabled and then restore it, that would fully fix the problem.

Unfortunately it's causing my system to CTD. How do I uninstall the program?

Wonderful Thanks so much

Thanks for this! It is working as intended, and is a huge improvement over the current broken TrackIR in SU7!

Sorry but I can not find the switch in camera to turn on the TrackIR, I have watched you video but am still lost ?

Just when I was getting fed up with having to continually restart TrackIR (and not understanding why MSFS keeps stopping it) this utility comes along! Thank you! I look forward to trying it out when I get home in a few days. Out of interest, if I use a hotswitch to pause TrackIR midflight, will this utility override that, or is it just for when MSFS auto-disables it? Thanks again for your work.

Merci et un grand bravo !

super, thanks a lot !

do you have a tool for earth which don t rotate in worldmap since update VII?

very good job!!!


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