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Version 3.0
Sortie initiale December 18, 2021
Dernière mise à jour January 13, 2022
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This category is for the aircraft Kodiak 100 Series II by SimWorks Studios. This aircraft is payware and can be purchased from here.
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Compatibilité Sim Update 7
Catégorie Kodiak 100 Series II

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  • Version 3.0 January 13, 2022

    Updated to include the empty cargo interiors for each airframe variant.

  • Version 2.9 January 10, 2022

    Minor touch-ups to livery and decals ...

    - removed smudges near prop, above and below
    - removed smudges from fuselage white in several places
    - cleaned up gold stripes in several places
    - cleaned up ELT HERE decal

  • Version 2.75 December 27, 2021

    General tidy-up of textures and removal of the '100' designation on the nose.

  • Version 2.5 December 20, 2021

    Additional livery detail, added decals for details requested by users, created entries for most wheeled variants of the Kodiak.

  • Version 2.0 December 19, 2021

    Direct installation to Community folder no longer merges with the aircraft folder.
    A significant number of small changes to the texture files as listed in the comments.

  • Sorti December 18, 2021

    La première version de ce fichier vient de sortir. Bienvenue à bord !

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35 Commentaires


10 day(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

nicely done! Can we have a full cargo variant please in the future pplease?



15 day(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

Looks great, however I'm nitpicky and found some issues. Can these be fixed?

EDIT- Excellent reply and fix! 5/5



15 day(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

Nice livery! Tanks a lot for the work! Is there any possibility to create a dirty version? 😀



26 day(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

BNG! i'm coming!! Thank you! great work!

The only thing I've noticed that's off this the the front lettering under the exhaust are different, on the real Aircraft its only KODIAK and not KODIAK 100. Otherwise looks good.



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

Great livery and essential for the dedicated MBP fan.



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

looks great in game and props for making it an "extra" livery and not over riding the stock ones



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

Fantastic livery and I have been using this one so far only. Has anyone else ran into CTD w/ ver 2.0? I completely uninstalled the aircraft file and installed a new one then added the v2.0 livery to the community folder. So far I got hit with one CTD and freezes during loading to the map. I cannot say for a fact if it's the file or aircraft publisher file but have removed the livery to see if I can replicate it. One time the livery did flicker inside the hanger.



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

Very nice, thank you. But isn't the typo of the tailnumber too small? It looks quite a bit bigger on the real plane. Could you get that closer to reality?



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

Thank you, very well done, look ahead



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par ozzieblr

Please do the whole fleet in this quality.

EDIT: Could you please add "Quest" to the end of the fuselage (before elevator)?

Nice one. Thanks!

Awesome Skins. Integrating them into the Kodiak installation directory and overwriting the aircraft.cfg file is not recommended for install though. When the vendor updates the package, you lose you skins and have to reinstall them. Would be better to set them up stand-alone/drag and drop in the community folder.

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