Due to lack of time and better payware alternatives out there this mod is not getting updated.

I leave this mod visible, in case some of you guys still wanna use or tweak the existing files.


Enhanced Ground Vehicles aims to improve the textures for all default airport ground vehicles. Included are 30 European / German themed liveries, which are mostly based on real life vehicles. Some textures have been made up from scratch, others just have little details added like logos and signs of use. Texture resolutions have not been touched, so there should be no impact on performance.

Each vehicle comes as its own mod package, so you can select those liveries you really wanna use. These are 1:1-replacements, so you don't need to choose between Firetruck01 and Firetruck 02 for example and can use both at the same time. For a complete preview and to identify the correct package names please check the imgur album as the number of allowed screenshots is limited on flightsim.to.

How to install:

Unzip the downloaded "Enhanced Ground Vehicles" folder and drag & drop the included vehicle packages in your community folder. Enjoy!


Most textures were done by myself. Special thank you to Porter2411 (Swissport Ground Services Textures), vLegion (he made the awesome AirBp fuel truck) and TehGodlyLuzer (GateGorumet Catering Truck) for allowing me to use parts of their work as a basis. Please note, that this mod is not compatible with other ground crew texture packs if they are referring to the same base files.

Known issues:

  • parts of some liveries are mirrored [model limitations]
  • animated vehicle lights don't always match the new livery color (eg. orange gyrolight for airport security, red gyrolight for firetrucks)
  • some vehicles like FireTruck01 still show the default normal map against sunlight [i tried editing the normal map but the whole livery glitched out]

Planned for future updates:

  • support for multiple catering truck liveries
  • tweaking animated vehicle lights: gyrolight color, frequency, brake lights intensity etc.