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San Diego Brown Field Muni (KSDM)

Brown Field Municipal (ICAO: KSDM) is located 1.5 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border in the Otay Mesa community of the City of San Diego.Brown Field Municipal is a busy general aviation airport. General aviation encompasses all aviation except air carrier and military,...

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Brown Field Municipal (ICAO: KSDM) is located 1.5 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border in the Otay Mesa community of the City of San Diego.Brown Field Municipal is a busy general aviation airport. General aviation encompasses all aviation except air carrier and military, although the military continues to maintain a strong presence (look at FA-18!). The types of general aviation aircraft that operate at Brown Field Municipal include private, corporate, charter, air ambulance, law enforcement, fire rescue, flight training, cargo, skydiving, banner towing, helicopters and... airships.

All types of aircraft are welcome with the 7,972 ft main runway. Even the famous CONCORDE and the huge AN-225 landed there. Fuel (Jet and Avgas), plenty of hangars, maintenance,  ATC in effect, 2 instrument approaches and RAIL, HIRL lightning.

Author's note

As for all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from a pilot-eyes perspective. In real, I'm a Plus One Flyers member and mostly fly from Montgomery Field. I'm real PPL but a rookie amateur scenery developer: this mod is made with 99% of MSFS default objects library and feature massive number of details. The scenery is inspired by high resolution aerial views from Bing and Google maps. It's a mix between the satellite imagery displayed from MSFS and more accurate data found on Internet. 1000+ objects have been added to the default scenery to make in more live and bring a touch of an active area.


  • Add +800 objects manually set
  • All taxiway markings verified and redesigned if needed
  • Add generic buildings to replace autogen MSFS
  • Add fences border all around the airport
  • Add resurfacing patches on runways
  • Add ATIS (132.35), Ground (124.4) and Tower (128.25) frequencies
  • Add some banners and signs on public side/business area
  • Add Cafe Landing Strip, First Flight School, Altitude Helicopters, EAA Chapter 14 hangars and apron
  • Add AVFuel and Philipps66 (First Flight) fuel spots
  • Add plenty of static planes at First Flight school apron (as real as pictures and satellite imagery)
  • Remove several spikes around the field, cleanup of some monolith trees close by the field
  • Remove un-wanted blue light poles
  • Fix PAPI position
  • Fix pattern circuit's position
  • Fix and correct windsocks
  • New ground markings on apron (mixed between uptodate and older satellite imagery)
  • Improve US Customs and Border Protections Air Unit (north side of the field)
  • A lot of Helipad available (training on south east side and USCBP Air Unit at the North)
  • F18 at the ramp, as real as it gets (see below)

How to install?

Unzip the file into your Community folder. Keep the folder structure from the zip (\AirportServices \ContentInfo, \MaterialLibs, \scenery, layout.json and manifest.json at the root directory). Once installed go to KSDM as usual, the scenery is overlayed over the existing default one.

If you love the San Diego area, you should also consider my other sceneries:


  • Free stocked MSFS installed : Sedona
  • World Update II (USA) and X (USA)

Known bugs and limitation

  • A huge tree may appear at the (new) ATC tower location
  • Altitude Helicopters signs appears only at very close distance then stay visible, the same for two signs at the terminal (airside) called "Transient" and "Jet Center"
  • The borders airport fences are not finished on east side.


  • The 2 jet fighters FA-18 at apron are not an error or a fantasy of the author. Brown Field was born as a army airfied then a Navy station (NAAS back in 50's) and with reduced hours at their air station in Miramar, Brown field allows the Marines to train on the weekends. It also reduces the time and cost of maintenance. Each time an F/A-18 lands at MCAS Miramar, it requires a full inspection, but that's not the case for other fields. Thus, you'll find often F18s at Brown Field!
  • The main runway 08L/26R is huge 7'972 ft (2.4 km). It's one of the biggest in SOCAL. An Air France Concorde participated to the International Airshow in 1980 and 1988: and[email protected]/6519379047
  • "Low Poly GolfCart" ( by apolodz is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
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Regional Airports
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  • Updated to version v1.1.2

  • Updated to version v1.1.1

  • Updated to version v1.1

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24 Commentaires

have you flown in to MMTJ ?



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

Great work. Thanks for all your hard work.



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio




2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

Great work as always. Your efforts are very much appreciated and have added a lot to the sim. Thank you.

What is the purpose of the "Airport Services" folder? Just wondering.



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

Another amazing addition to the San Diego area and SoCal in general! This airport was so lifeless before but now it looks incredible. The additional buildings for the law enforcement heliport make for great helicopter flying and the rock quarry tree removal to the north make the scenery around the airport so much more enjoyable. Thank you for your work!



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

You sir are not an amateur, but a professional! As always great work and thanks for bringing life to Brown Field - we actually had to divert to SDM last week due to NASNI being "fogged in" below minimums.



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

Awesome as always!!! Thank you again for your work!! My San Diego County collection is complete because of you! Keep up the great work and updates. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed nor unappreciated! 😉



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

So happy to get the wonderful scenery at KSDM airport that I have been waiting for.

I spent about a year here at KSDM, 50 years ago as a young pilot trainee.

Today, I am back in the "Solo Flight" memories of those days and enjoyed my flight to KSDM, KMYF, KSEE, and KRNM airports. It's really great!

And,I know it is too much to ask, but in your next update, I would appreciate it if you could improve the white building on Continental St. in the airport (It is shown as "Jamal Auto Sale" building on Google earth).

(I was staying in that building as a dormitory at the time...).

J'apprécie vraiment votre passion pour tout le merveilleux travail que vous faites.

Merci beaucoup.



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

Thank you Vincent for another great addition to our sim!

I did a quick trip from Brown Field, over to Imperial Beach (which could use some TLC) down to MMTJ across the border, and back to KSDM. The incredible amount of detail on your airports really stands out. I would highly recommend that other sim pilots get out of their plane and walk around and check out what you have done. Payware quality.



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

One again a very well made scenery I'll love to fly from or to 😊



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

Here we go, one more of my usual airport in the San Diego area, very famous among CFIs because its very long runway allows touch and go safer for bigger planes like twin engines for example, but "dangerous" airport as it is very close to the Mexican Border and looks a lot like the Tijuana airport, as a matter of fact, numerous students made the mistake and landed or almost did land at Tijuana along the years... Thank you for this excellent job again 😉



2 month(s) ago / Remercié par vbazillio

Looking good already! Just did a flight from Brown to Montgomery, another excellent airport.

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  • Version v1.1.2 October 01, 2022

    - Fix Landing Strip textures
    - SU10 Build

  • Version v1.1.1 August 26, 2022

    - Fix taxiway width/bluepoles at holding point A and G and on taxiway G.
    - Add San Diego Jet Engine Museum sign
    - Add San Diego Jet Center (on public side, terminal)
    - Add San Diego Jet Center Pylon sign (air side)

  • Version v1.1 August 20, 2022

    Fix taxiway names (for ATC)

  • Version v1.0 August 15, 2022

    - Several minor fixes
    - Add new pilot(s) on ramp(s)
    - Add 3d models buildings for US CBP instead of photogrammetrics
    - Remove autogen trees in the stone quarry up north

  • Sorti August 13, 2022

    La première version de ce fichier vient de sortir. Bienvenue à bord !

Foire aux questions

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I don't see the new ATC tower?

If you don't see the new tall control tower (east side of the field), it's certainly because you have desactivate Asobo Miramar scenery (because you may own the LatinVFR Miramar addon). Go to Profile - Content Manager and search for "KNKX". You should have "KNKX - Miramar MCAS Airport by Asobo Studio" installed (and uptodate). 

See this pic:

NB: if you active Asobo KNKX Miramar and if you own LatinVFR Miramar, the two sceneries conflicts. If have to choose one a a time.


These add-ons may be required or recommended to use.

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