This is a weight and balance mod for the Fenix A320 that makes whole of a difference in flying. It also provides a more realistic timing for the passenger and cargo doors opening/closing duration

By default the Fenix is a heavy aircraft.  Its Dry Operating weight is 44029 Kgs (97067lbs).  This results in the aircraft being always above maximum Zero Fuel Weight (61tons) if you want to load it with its maximum 180 passengers.  44029 + 180*(80+15 default weight of Fenix for passengers and baggage)=61129>61000   This is wrong of course, because no airline operates an aircraft that it cannot be dispatched with its full passengers' capacity.  And we are talking about passengers only (the default 80+15 of Fenix), not to mention if you want to add cargo.  So, what simbrief is doing is that  it is deducting baggages from the cargo area whenever you want to fly with full pax (second mistake in a row)

Third mistake is that (and this is due to the Fenix  FMGS calculating preflight always a bigger fuel consumption that what it is actually burning in flight) in big legs you are very likely to land overweight (Maximum Landing Weight is 64.5 Tons)

Another issue that this weight of 44029 is causing is that almost always the optimum altitude is in the middle 300 levels.  330, 340, 350, 360. Your are almost never able to fly 370, not to mention 380

What my mod does is that its giving you a reduced Dry Operating Weight of 42414 Kgs.  This is very close to reality, for example the low cost carrier with the biggest  A320 CFM fleet in Europe has an average DOW of 42.5 tons. This new weight makes a whole world of a difference. Now you can fly full pax, you can take cargo, you can fly in the higher 300 levels and you will almost never land overweight.

I have also modified the timing of the passenger and cargo doors, they open and close more slowly and in a more realistic time frame: watch the video

***For the mod to work correctly you also to need use my simbrief profile with the altered weight, found here: Simbrief profile

Tip: The profile is for 180 seating capacity,  if you are flying for a major carrier with reduced seating you can edit the profile and on the top right select a different "max passengers" so you always board until your chosen maximum 

I have been flying with this mod for 2 months now with no issues!!!

Please install and tell me your thoughts and impressions at the comments' section below

Instructions:  extract the flight_model.cfg file in\fnx-aircraft-320\SimObjects\Airplanes\FNX320

Remember to back up first in case you want to revert back