The Mediterranean Theatre!

A full WWII Campaign for MSFS, with Missions and Scenery provided.


12 Historical Wartime Missions Alongside 3 Allied Nations.   

Fly as an Observation and Liaison Pilot during World War II.

- Flight Replicas – L–4 Grasshopper a must have and design to use with it ! But you can also fly with any default aircraft.

- Repaints by jankees for the Flight Replicas L-4 Grasshopper also a must have !

1) Piper L-4 Grasshopper N1227N

2) Piper L-4 Grasshopper Operation Torch

3) Piper L-4 Grasshopper Brazilian Air Force "Luly"

Missions range from the beggining of the war in 1942 to the final days in the Italian front in 1945. In the format of MSFS Flights and Flight Plans, easy to use. Just load the .FLT    file and fly. You are also able to fly your way (aircraft, weather) using  the Flight Plan .PLN instead.

MSFS Scenery included for 12 locations.
Each scenery was toughtfully made, to match details from real-life operations such as North Africa and Sicily invasions, the Salerno and Anzio Landings and epic battles like Kasserine and Monte Castello.

12 Exclusive Briefings, MOH and COD inspired.
Make history yourself. Mixing real history and a fictional created storyline, make your way from basic liaison to transporting 3-star Generals and  performing daring rescue missions. The carefully crafted video briefings, brings history and story to life, giving you historical and important details for your missions.  


BRIEFINGS: Just play the .mp4 video briefing before each Mission/Flight, starting with Mission 1 an so on. They are located in the main folder.

MISSIONS: Open up MSFS and in the World Map, select the .FLT located inside each Mission Folder. Start with the Mission 1, an so on.

Alternatively, if you want to set up the flight yourself and change the aircraft, load the Flight Plan (.PLN) instead.

SCENERY: Copy the Mediterranean Campaign folder to your Community folder inside the MSFS main directory.

Have Fun !

Please give me feedback should you have any issue playing. Thank you.