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Bushtalk Radio Audio Landmarks: 17000+ POIs for MSFS and LittleNavMap

Bushtalk Radio is a community-driven project with the aim to fill the empty world of MSFS2020 with thousands of additional landmarks and POIs. Each landmark has a unique audio tour that is automatically played on arrival. Think of it as having a virtual...

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Bushtalk Radio is a community-driven project with the aim to fill the empty world of MSFS2020 with thousands of additional landmarks and POIs. Each landmark has a unique audio tour that is automatically played on arrival. Think of it as having a virtual tour guide by your side.

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Bushtalk Radio Landmarks This addon allows you to see all of the Bushtalk Radio custom POI markers in-game and now also in LittleNavMap! This file will be uploaded monthly to include all of the landmarks and POIs submitted on the Bushtalk Radio website. If you'd like to sumbit a POI then please do it through the website and it'll be added to the pack on the next update.

Tune in from inside your cockpit with our new native client

Please bear in mind that this addon only contains the in-game markers.
If you want the audio tour to play, you'll need to connect using the Bushtalk client.

For more info on getting started and how to connect 

How do I import the POIs into LittleNavMap?
Please read the installation instructions in the LittleNavMapPOIs folder


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July 2022

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Enjoying the program but would like a way to see your POI's on some kind of map while in VR. (LNM still a 2D/non VR map only?) Are you working with any other developers that produce a VR working 3D map; OR a way to see your POI's on the default game map? Thanks!

I changed my password in and that is OK but the addon for the in-flight app does not have a place to change passwords. Can you help please.

This is a great addition for VFR flights.

I have been using it with Little NavMap 2.6.17 and all works great.

I also imported Bushtalk Radio into Little NavMap 2.7.8 (BETA) but the Bushtalk Radio Icon does not display, all you get is a ? (question mark).

Do you know if there is an issue with the BETA version of LNM?



7 month(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Thank you very much for making this app happen. Love at first sight! Added around 80 POIs and comprehensive audio tours, in my home country, Romania, in the first 2 days of use.

Proud to be a Patreon supporter for such an ambitious project.

It's the future of virtual tourism. Glad you thought of empowering the community to contribute with info.

One thing that I'd like improved is to have a volume mixer for Audio Tours and Radio. Sometimes the Radio is a lot louder than the audio tour.

Thank you once again for all the effort! Really appreciated



8 month(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

the best tool ever

I really like your app, but all these icon's do clutter my world map a bit. Is there any way to save the filters, so they're turned off by default (but show up in-game)?

This app makes flying so much more enjoyable and i am learning so much about places i fly. What a great idea and app

Had to Search The "M" drive, (NOT "C" Drive) for "ABarthel" Folder & Found it There,...Then moved this folder into it. Where are the other Directories (IE: "USER POINTS DATABASE" & "VIEW > USER POINTS" to Install into LittleNavMap ??? Are They In the SIM ?? In the MSFS Install folder ???...or WHERE ??? ....I'm "Dazed & Confused"...!!

Is it possible to see the markers ingame? I can see them in the world map, but not while flying (I have tried all the options... am I missing something?)



10 month(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Has there been an update since October? Keep looking but not seen anthing.

Currently touring through several different world regions and this mod makes for interesting "diversions".



11 month(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Together with Radio Client must have addon for all explorers. I just regret I didn't find this when I started my World Tour, so many missed landmarks and POIs. I like that there are also quick links to wiki articles, related videos to POIs, even local radio! I hope this project won't be abandoned anytime soon! If I would have suggestion, it would be display source text or subtitles for text to speech, I'm not native english speaker and it's easier for me to see the text. And maybe option for disabling automatic switch to local radio when text to speech monolog ends.



11 month(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

really great project, keep up the good work



11 month(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Amazing mod !


I like Bushradio very much, but can you tell me why the previous version of landmarks is 8,18 MB in size and the latest version 3,78MB? What has changed?




12 month(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Amazing! Nice team behind this mod that listens to the community.



1 year(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Love this! One of my favorite ways to explore in MSFS!



1 year(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Submitting interface is a mess, You really put effort in an article and then its deleted in the form. Daily limit is really annoying. A lot of airports missing.



1 year(s) ago / Remercié par Bushtalk

Loving this but its a bit too much, a lot of POI's are represented like 3 times or some even more, example Golden Gate Bridge now had 3 POI's Alcatraz now has 2 POI's. Sure hope this gets looked at and brought down to just 1. You end up with a huge clutter of POI's that are not needed.

Absolutely amazing add-on. Completely changed the way I use MSFS. Touring the world, hopping from POI to POI has been more fun than I've ever had with the simulator. Adding new POIs is also a really rewarding experience, especially when you see them visited by other users.


Hello, since the latest update V for MSFS, my Bushtalk radio does not work in the sim. I logon, but when I get near a POI, I hear nothing.

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Suggestion, bugs et idées pour l'avenir.

  • Version July 2022 July 06, 2022

  • Version Jan Update January 17, 2022

    Fixes issue with invisible POIs

  • Version Dec Update December 16, 2021

  • Version Oct Update October 19, 2021

  • Version Sept Update September 06, 2021

  • Version July Update July 02, 2021

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