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Ive now added an easyjet pilot shirt and tie package,and a tui  ...changed the pilot wings as well to something a bit better.

following some great work with regards visible pilots and copilots that Ive seen on these boards .....mixMugz has really taken  a lead with this..and i give him a big shout out.......Ive made my own wee addon.....

firstly ive changed the tie colour to black   and also as a wee extra added company logos to the shirts. ive only did this for two shirts at present  if anyone would like additonal shirts then just let me know..Ill hppyily make and upload .....and all for  no cost at all ....

there are two zipped files   that when extracted contain a folder for logan air and also for tui shirt .

you will need to copy 1 shirt only of your choice into this folder ...................................for me the folder was.....

microsoft flight ...official....onestore....asobo sim objects characters...simobjects.......humans ..textures....

 the file will overwrite the original file in the folder ....hence i suggest you make a backup of the file before you copy the new file into the folder.

I have tried this out and it seems to work ok , ive encountered no probelms.... but will not be held responsible for any issues .... hope you enjoy .and if anyone has any requests then drop me aline.

happy and safe  flying

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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Pretty empty over here.

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