Falcon Field Airport (IATA:MSC, ICAO: KFFZ), Located in the City of Mesa, AZ about 20 miles east of Phoenix and is one of the busiest General Aviation airfields in the USA in terms of movements. Falcon Field includes a total of 784 acres, there are currently more than 800 aircraft based at the airfield. This includes fixed-wing single- and multi-engine aircraft, turboprops, jets and helicopters. It is a perfect starting location for a flight to Sedona, or the Grand Canyon, and also very close to Apache Junction where the Apache Trail leads you to the Superstition Mountains.

Falcon Field Airport got it's start in 1941 to serve as a training field for British WWII Pilots. Falcon was to be named Thunderbird Field III and would train British pilots. However, the British said they would like the field to be named after one of their birds, and thus Falcon Field opened.

Eventually it became a civil airport and is now owned and operated by the City of Mesa. Falcon Airport is home to the largest flight school in the world, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. Falcon is also home to one of the largest Commemorative Air Force units which operates a flying B-17G, and B25J "Maid in the Shade" among others.

With Falcon Field for Microsoft Flight Simulator I have recreated the airport to a high level of detail and accuracy. With extremely detailed airport buildings, hangars, and an up-to-date ground layout. I have also added the brand-new hangar facilities to the north side of the field which in real life are currently still being constructed.

In addition, the scenery comes with further details, such as animated hangar doors at the CAE Hangar, interior modelling of the Tower, Terminal Building, along with an animated advertizing board, functional windsocks, dynamic lighting and PBR-rendered materials. More recently I have added interior modelling at the Wings Of Flight Foundation Hangar, and the Commemorative Air Force Museum along with a selection of static aircraft models.


  • Highly detailed Falcon Field Airport scenery
  • WWII photo wraps on the Control Tower & Hangars which make this airport so unique.
  • Up-to-date ground layout of taxiways and aprons. Custom made fixed distance markers for runway 4R/22L which illuminate day & night.
  • 149, handcrafted 3D objects custom made exclusively for Falcon Field
  • 17 static aircraft varients including Piper Archer TX, CH-47 Chinook, B-25J, B-17G, North American AT-6 Texan, Stearman, Super Stearman, Phantom F-4N, MIG-21, MIG-15, Douglas 26C Invader, Beech C-45, Beech T-34 Mentor, Nanchang CJ6, Schweizer  TG-3A, Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw & YAK-52.
  • PBR Materials to build realistic surfaces for buildings and objects
  • Detailed ground markings and new taxiway layouts, including both of the recently added taxiway exits to the north of runway 4L/22R. Custom centreline & edge lining to correct colouring and width.
  • Custom made crack sealent textures on the aprons & runways
  • Extremely detailed Control Tower, Terminal Building, and 3 Hangar interiors
  • Detailed animated bi-folding hangar doors at the CAE Hangar facility (functions on a timer)
  • Functional windsocks which have been modified to accurately show the wind direction.
  • Animated Flags
  • Traffic lights, & stationary traffic have been added to the road intersections on final approach to runways 4R & 22L
  • Terraforming in the vicinity of the airport to correct the default scenery which had flooded road intersections, as this airport sits in a photogrammetry area.
  • Runway starting points have been amended to begin at the holding points, this helps to reduce the amount of spawning on the runways.
  • Realistic night time dynamic lighting

Installation: Simply extract the file 'jeppeson2001-airport-kffz-falconfield-v1.30' into your community folder, then restart the sim.

Note: I have omitted the taxiway paths for AI traffic due to the unrealistic way that vehicles such as ramp cars, fork lift trucks enter the runway and ruin the immersion. As soon as there is a reliable solution by the MSFS SDK I will add this in future updates.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Microsoft Store or Steam Version) installed on PC
  • At least 2 GB of available Disc Space


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2 day(s) ago / Remercié par Jeppeson2001

Amazing! - Can you do the Much Needed "KSDL Scottsdale" Next? --- with all its Amazing Hanger/Nighclubs and Commercial Hangers that extend off the airport site! I think it would be a killer project!

Just purchased KFFZ, but not quite happy, parts of planes, and buildings sunk in the ground, how can I change this in getting it as in the video? Running 2TB c and d drive, msfs20 premium version. Can send you pics if desired. Rgds [email protected]



8 day(s) ago / Remercié par Jeppeson2001

This has definitely become one of my favs!! KCHD or KIWA next? Looking forward to more of your work! Well worth the $$. Thank you!

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