Yeah, thats what I'm doing to work around the issue. I type in the tail number for the livery, then backspace delete it from the field, it won't show. That being said, If I leave it and select show tail number as "off", it will CTD when I try to start a flight. Just an FYI...

Pleeeeeeaaaaaseee! Record Wind-Data: Direction and kts, these are onle two Vars. 😍😍😍

Hi Thank you for this Mod, In order to use it, what should be the settings in the option for traffic (online, offline). and just to be sure, should I enable Generic Traffic ? Thank you


I think I know what the issue is. I am using a 15 button SD and your profile is on a SD XL. Is there a way to get the extra buttons to show on the smaller SD?



This Airport deserves to be updated to comply as SU5/WU6 compatible please 😊 ?

Hello KAZE,

I am having a problem when install this addon. When I put the unzipped folder into the Community folder, this addon can't be loaded & it shows "not installed" in the content manager. Is that anything I am missing?

It doesn't have any problem on your other addon.


Super, ça marche merci ! Et si dès fois tu veux faire la ville de Grenoble, ça serait super. Une version existe mais elle n'est pas à jour. Elle est difficile à faire car entourée de montagnes 😊

Genial, muy buen trabajo y buenos alrededores!

Solo faltan los spawning points.

Custom On/Off images are working fine with generic toggle buttons but they don't seem to work with Preset toggle buttons. Is this correct?

Funktioniert bei mir ganz gut, aber wo für ist der MSFS Layout Generator? Habe nur eine Livery und sehe keinen Piloten!

Thank you for looking at it. Well, fantastic work!

Hello. The smoke on the chimneys is "broken"... Is it because SU5?

i have again the problem, that the motor does not start, saying in the display: Fadic incp. Check FAQ on Flightsim.to. ?? this time i don't understand what's wrong

Thank you very much for your comment, greatly appreciated !

sorry for the trouble, your are probalbly suffering from the 'screen restored outside of the window problem'. Please check the 'frequently asked question section' just above the comments (it's the 4th question) and it will tell you how to fix it in a few seconds. Let me know if that doesn't work for you. Hopefully some day i'll fix that 😊

Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. I need to investigate about 'hardware control preset' because i don't know exactly how that works within the sim (i have basic joystick that i use for all planes) .. also the link you can have multiple aircraft selected at once so it would be a bit difficult to know which 'hardware preset' to select. I need to think to check how it works an think about, feel free let me know via private message if you have more knowledge about this and know how it could be implemented. Thank you.

yep i did that...

the thing is that the first time i ran it the whole graphics seemed to change and i was like wow 😊 but then i changed the map replacement folder location it hasn't worked since then..could this be the issue?

my machine is offline now ...not booting so i can't check ...

Thank you, this is just great. With HP Reverb G1 this makes daylight so much more realistic and night lighting also which is still awful as default. I won't even dare to ask you to do this to some other planes too - but maybe I will if Asobo is not giving a functional brightness setting in Sim Update 6 😊

Thank you for your evaluation. I'm glad I was up load.

unfortunately i don't have my pc at the moment + i am prioritizing Saudi Arabia's airliners and liveries because there aren't a lot of livery creators in the Arabian community, However i would really like to make liveries for other airliners in the future but for now i am trying to cover as many as i can of Saudi Arabia's airliner's liveries.

Thanks for your comment 😍

Sorry for the late replay! It's normally DONE! Have a nice flight 😉

Nicely detailed and gets rid of the artefacting when you previously flew along the Bantul coastline!

I have installed everything per the tutorial on YouTube; however, when I run Enhanced Live Traffic, it crashes after less than a minute without ever showing any spawned aircraft. I do see some traffic at O'Hare; however, I only see traffic for United, American and literally three international flights. No other flights show up.

Great airport! 2things: half of the cars in the parking lot on the end of the pier are floating high off the ground. 2: is that a helicopter place at the end of the pier there?

Still no Wing Flex ? That really important for immersion.. Even more when the cockpit is not exciting as this one...


Nope, that is not included because the family of the artist are pretty strict and sues people depicting or even just uploads photos of it.

thx so much, works and looks great

Firstly because I have worked on this before many of these other mods were uploaded, and secondly because my models are more detailed or contain stuff that were missing in the other uploads.

Hey there, new version is out ! It appears that several other mods can conflict with Top Pilots such as Navigraph

And THE the little Mermaid ? looool 😊

All airports, FBW A320 and yes I use the latest version

I have to assume that you're in Dev Mode to begin with..... If so, versions show in my library. I'll also have to assume that the folder for the plane is in your Community folder(s). I'm using FS on an 2nd drive (due to size of SSD) & have found that 2 Community folders were created on install so I place any dwnld files/mods into both of these folders-haven't found out as yet which folder is the correct folder to place mods into so (for me) to be on the safe side I place both mods/payware in these Comm. folders. Hope that this may help.......

it is now fixed, you'll tell me if it is ok

Wow!! Very nice painting/artwork. And then the 'Amy Winehouse eyelash' cockpit window, very creative!

Why add buildings already made by other modders?

Høje Gladsaxe (Soenico)

Herlev hospital (CHansen)

Avedøre værket (CHansen) as a part of his brillant EKRK scenery.

Remove these from this addon and I will use it.

If installed with the other mods there will be conflicts.

I don’t know why it was successfully loaded into the game after trying several times..

Finally, I feel that this tool is really practical...successfully solved the troubles of too many plugins...

Thank you so much for the author's sharing.. Five stars you deserve it

Amazing work. I have advertised it on my discord server as well as used it as part of my world tour event. Great work!

This livery is in the wrong place. It is a H135 livery and therefore must be placed on the H135 livery section and not in the H145 section. Thanks

I use your 25 ribbon, and the previous update was blue for me, is that the only difference between this new one?

Have been flying the NOAA version since FS04 (I believe that's when the 1st Orion in NOAA testure came out) using either A Sky or REX and have used in X-P 11 as well. Love this plane and would with that this would come out as payware version w/ all the "bells & whistles"......