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1 minute(s) ago

If changing the map doesnt solve ur issue, try saving ur work then run the Collector with absolutly no addons at all, then with one or two addons, and tell me if it works

3 minute(s) ago

Opa, agradecido pela informação. Farei a alteração na próxima atualização

8 minute(s) ago

I've just downloaded the latest version of Gatwick. Is this version ok for Navigraph Users? Thanks.

10 minute(s) ago

Thank you for your comment!! I'm glad you like it.

For normal Kalitta livery I just use Marcioart121BR's livery


awesome mod, great custom options. is there any plans to add a failure system in the future, wear and tear etc that would be epic

Great scenery! Thank you!

29 minute(s) ago

Hi, I have installed v3 plus ORBX scenery, but trees still there and "Bauhaus" building not there ??

Any idea thank you!

31 minute(s) ago

Nice good job THK

33 minute(s) ago


Could you change the custom pushback labels from "W" to "West" and "E" to East ... happend the thrid time i hit W when i need to go in the direction of Taxiway W but it turned me to the opposite ... always forget it .... And from the F Stands most of the time i got to face towards Taxiway W for Rwy 16 ^^

34 minute(s) ago

sadly not available in 3D Photogrammetry 😞


Looking forward!

43 minute(s) ago

Please remember to read the entire description and to download all mentioned products and associated links... they basically makeup the entire scenery, so without them it will be pretty baron. Feel free to message me if you need help with anything 😊

44 minute(s) ago

Try to use another map: right click on the map for the map's context menu to appear, move the mouse cursor over the "Map" option (-the first one) and select other map from the sub context menu.

46 minute(s) ago

Hello, your MOD apparently has removed AUTO SPEED BRAKE Deployment on landing and RETRACTION on Go-Around. Also, TAIL HOOK Functionality is Removed. Thank you.

LeLapinDeGiens AI CartoFlight v1.0
1 hour(s) ago

Yes if your friend use CartoFlight 😊 Thanks

1 hour(s) ago

My flight model mods are primarily based on the actual aircraft dimensions and weight and balance specs derived from the POH, as well as other sources. The flight model geometry is also adjusted to closely match the 3-D model, which is usually a highly accurate representation of the actual aircraft geometry. I also use the actual airfoil AOA vs Lift polar data when I can find it. I have found that the simulator can actually do a pretty good job of duplicating the flight dynamics of an aircraft, if it is given accurate input. Seemingly small differences in the geometry, or the weight and balance, can have a significant impact on the flight dynamics.

I also use my own experience and judgement as a pilot, although I have not actually flown this particular aircraft. I welcome any additional input from real world pilots who have actually flown this aircraft, or any of my other modified aircraft.

1 hour(s) ago

Hallo Werner,

schön, dass Dir die Szenerie gefällt! Ja, ich arbeite auch mit Blender - können uns ja mal kurzschließen.

Liebe Grüße aus Laufen 😊

First, thank you for this mod I like it a lot and I have 2 questions all the handbooks only appear or can be seen with default liveries, is this correct? if yes can you tell me how to make all the handbooks appear on any liveries? the second question is it possible to start this aircraft in a cold and dark state (only on parking), I see on the handbook only possible the above option but not persistence, so for the time being I need to click on it to get cold and dark state.

nguyenquyhy Flight Recorder
1 hour(s) ago

I am working on a map feature where you can see where you are and where the AI aircraft are as well as the recorded path.

About the nametag, it is a good idea, but I don't know how to do that yet. Should I run into such info, I'll add that feature in.

1 hour(s) ago

Thank you for the support 😊


1 hour(s) ago

I've just installed it and it's found all of my addons and catalogued them nicely, (hundreds !) I already had them stored in an MSFS "offline" directory, because I've been using the addons linker up to now.

The only problem is that the map displays have no background overlays visible, though all of the addons are visible, routes, ariports etc.. I've tried searching the problem but haven't found anything ?

2 hour(s) ago

I really like this strip; I also like the rainy pass and tatitna airstrips. as I have been to them many times IRL.

Thanks for all you do to help improve the sim.

2 hour(s) ago

Hi, where exactly is code to remove the pilots?


Imagine being a douchebag

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2 hour(s) ago

Nice application.

would it be possible to see my friends on the map.


2 hour(s) ago

Thank you for the 5 stars :0)

2 hour(s) ago

Vielen Dank für die 5 Sterne!

Das ist ein sehr guter Punkt, den ich nicht bedacht hatte. Es wäre eine große Aufgabe, mehrere Übersetzungen und zwei Temperaturskalen zu erstellen, aber ich werde darüber nachdenken, was zu tun ist. Denken Sie daran, dass der wichtigste Teil des Namens die Wolkendecke und die Temperatur am Start sind (sowie das Bild in der Dropdown-Liste). Ich werde versuchen, mir etwas auszudenken, das ich leicht tun kann, um die Situation zu verbessern.

I have not used any WTT Code. The Autopilot Routines should be untouched. I have to look into it, but maybe AAU 1 changes are interfeering.

2 hour(s) ago

Thanks for your work. I cannot find the .xml file to put into SpadNext. Can you help?

2 hour(s) ago

It’s been a long time since i was there. Early 90’s. Many changes in 30 years but you can recognize the Lagos Martianes and Avenida del Generalísimo. The Loro Park. The green building at the fisherman’s pier where there was a little bar un wich you coludirse ate tina and papas arrugás. Thanks, friend for this scebery that reminds me of my childhood.

Thanks for the great scenery!

2 hour(s) ago

Always good to hear. it never gets old :0)

2 hour(s) ago

My next job is to see if I can find a way to make dynamic and live clouds. I haven't had much luck with that so far though.

Can we get thses for the standard A320 as well?

2 hour(s) ago

Thank you for your brilliant utility. love it. I have 2 "problems", I just can't figure out how to install items that have their own installers (i.e. Just Flight products) or how to remove items I no longer use. Advise would be welcome, thanks again.

I'm using the normal version, not the enhanced version from the store, scripting imported in AAO with no issues....the following not working

  1. Prop Ice
  2. Inertial Separator
  3. Bleed remains off
  4. Fuel selector remains on MAN
  5. Oxygen remains in OFF

These are the main items I checked

Muchas Gracias!

Ah, OK. Aber 1.6 funktioniert mit dem B379 auch recht gut -> TOP

Rafal_Haczek Giewont cross
3 hour(s) ago

Bardzo dziękuję za trud włożony w wykonanie tego, jak i pozostałych polskich obiektów. Mieszkam na południu Polski, więc latanie GA/VFR w MSFS stało się dla mnie teraz o wiele bardziej ekscytujące. Gdyby zdecydował się Pan kiedyś wkroczyć w Beskidy, pozwolę sobie zasugerować maszt na Skrzycznem, który jest jednym z najbardziej charakterystycznych obiektów w Beskidach. Jeszcze raz dziękuję! 😊