I purchased this directly off the marketplace in MSFS 2020 and I'm definitely impressed- well worth the money. As stated, it will allow you to select a variety of conditions that the sim might not serve up despite intentional pre-flight settings. It's hard to convey in photos just how good these are until you see them in action. Imagine talking a late afternoon flight over the Swiss Alps with the 'Arctic Chill' setting, or an Oklahoma thunderstorm on the Great Plains, or trying to rescue victims in your Airbus H135 during hurricane conditions on the coast of Malaysia. I can't recommend this enough. It was both beautiful and terrifying.

to improve the plane I report my problems:

Many keys do not work, you hear the click, but they don't move. The yoke remains crooked. The battery remains off. Even when I set the ship, the plane went off on its own. Maybe it depends on the fact that I have the salty dev?

Is this the same plane that was released a while back? If so this is really a nice piece of work. I love the feel of a modern replica. The vc is wonderful and the embossed "Fokker" on the seat and the blunderbus are terrific. My only humble suggestion would be to kill the exhaust heat effect and use a different sound pack. Otherwise it's a home run!

this is great for low level flying in canyons, but once youre up above 8000 ft, the pop in is really bad. i dont know if i have the settings wrong but it only loads out to about a 10 mile radius. beyond that, its the generic terrain in the sim (offline terrain)

Muito bom! infelizmente aparece nos aeroportos de Congonhas e no Santos Dumont aeronaves de tipo 777, a330 e de outros países. Como corrigir isso?

How to remove/disable mod vehicle? This scenery makes conflict with my simultech addon truck


Hi TBM490,

I've just had a problem with your Bush-Divers-Flags addon.

I know it's used in Mt Hagen, and Moro (and possibly others), but here's the (potential) problem.

If you were to modify the contents for one scenery addon, because Bush-Divers-Flags is an independent addon, whatever is in the new one, will overwrite the earlier version, and one or more existing addons may become non-working.

The other problem with "generic" names for addons that can be sourced from anywhere is that someone copying the structure of any one of your addons that uses Bush-Divers-Flags, and using it for their own purposes modifies it radically (possibly tearing your stuff out of it) is likely to set up a chain reaction of users complaining that your addons don't work, and when you modify it back to what it should be, his users will be making the same complaint, only for his addons.

Just a suggestion - if you can embed the contents of Bush-Divers-Flags into the main structure of your addons, the problem goes away - I'm not certain of this latter, but if you can use your knowledge of development, and what I've just identified to you, then I hope that you'll see that a different solution is necessary.

Compounding the problem, Bush-Divers-Flags is interpreted by at least one of the addon Managers available here as a duplicated folder, so if you ever have to change it, you'll still get a significant number of people complaining of it not working, because the original will still be sitting there on the user's source file directory.

Anoother suggestion - make the Bush-Divers-Flags section a completely different addon that is referenced by the airport scenery, but not contained in the airport scenery archive.

I hope all this is understandable, and if you want to discuss it further, please PM me on this site.

Could you possibly fix the window frame and landing gear doors please?

If you guys do a weaponed style... most of us like Just Flight... Just saying

Flying her right now. No issues with any control surfaces. No abnormal sounds. Not sure what the issue could be on your end. Have you run the Aerosoft update?

This is nice. Maybe you could just throw some stars and bars on it, and maybe a serial number on the tail to make it look military. It's close to looking like one of the 357th FG Mustangs.

Fantástico trabajo. Muchas gracias. Elche se lo merece.

Amazing! Thank you! Please consider this livery for the h135 as well. Given your geography maybe you can consider doing Penn State Hershey's "Life Lion" in a future project. Somebody was kind enough to finally add the hospital's heliports in the last week, so it would be great to have a livery to compliment it. Thanks again, keep up the great work!

I tested the latest version and could not find a hole. Is the bad version still installed on your system? Where on the airport did you spawn? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Thanks.

LOVE it! Been begging for this since launch, I may have even filled out a request for it. If you haven't already, make sure you claim the karma points. If only we can get a Life Lion livery for the h135. This place and that copter saved my life... more than just on one occasion. So great to pay tribute by finally having them in game! Thanks again!!!

Half a star for trashing on another developer's work.

I had a chance to fly around for a while with the samscene addon and this together and I've read the other comments here; there actually seem to be a LOT of overlapping duplicate buildings in the southwestern corner of the scenery; for instance the iconic floating restaurant in the bay is doubled up, and a lot of high rises around that area. It's actually kind of crazy how far off some of the samscene buildings are from where they're supposed to be, e.g. 20+ floors too short or too high, or rotated by 10 or 15 degrees from reality, or hundreds of feet off in the wrong direction.

A couple notes: 1) That being said I'm not sure you should even consider bothering to make exclusion files because there are so many terrain issues and the quality of samscene is so ridiculously inconsistent; some of it is FSX quality, and 2) on that note have you tried FreakyD's Hong Kong? It's been a while but I'm going to boot that up soon and see if the overlap is better because I don't think much of the south side of the island has been done, if any... but from what I remember it might actually win over samscene on overall quality in spite of being similarly inconsistent, partly because it's compatible with the Port of Hong Kong mod which is much better quality than the samscene version. 3) Using the enhancements together it becomes clear that to really look the best in this engine, the aerial imagery and the topo data is actually a significant problem because of all the hills, highways, and high rises in such close proximity. The photogrammetry looks SO good but the main problem with this mod is that it makes me want more! The whole area in full photogrammetry with perfectly trimmed coastlines, water masks, custom night lighting and maybe just a tiny bit of samscene-style modeling 🥵🍆💦💦💦; but instead we have all these different partially overlapping mods that are all pretty great on their own but come together to put on a clown show. Just sayin', if a group with the right skills came together and took a few months to make the entire area truly take advantage of the sim engine to the fullest extent, they could probably set a new price point for scenery!

Nice. I'll give it 5 stars to annoy the other developer.

Over 50 years old and still flying! That's good. I wonder if anyone will pick it up for restoration once its flying days are over?

I'll keep my eye on this one, it certainly has potential!

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, the livery has been removed

Might have, my custom liveries also cause a CTD with their new update, I'm talking to them about it. In the meantime I recommend not using any of my 170 mods until I can get them sorted, sorry for the inconvenience

Amazing, could you add KSFO?

Regardless of how well it works - i appreciate the fact that you're putting in the "research" - trying is the first step toward success !

Je suis arrivé de nuit et j'ai trouvé que les textures sont pas trop apparentes. Aussi , une indication au sol pour les jetways. Ca reste du beau travail et l'approche STAR GOREIA est super !!!

Thank you for your compliment! Sorry but I rarely do logo's, unless it is iconic to that particular aircraft.

Going to download tomorrow or when next play but I never expected a Life Is Strange inspired F35 Livery but omg I am so glad there is one!! Thank you

Great thanks for the invite, I'll try to stop by soon!

Excelente aporte a Venezuela en FS2020!

I urge you to check my updates on the MSFS forums thread. Big things are coming. This mod has been disabled for download and has been handed off.

Thank you for taking the time to review it Solinus! 😀

Thank you! Which aircraft models? Your own? Ai? Ivao/vatsim?

Great plane! Is a blast to fly! Feels super authentic! Reviewed it here https://youtu.be/xu470TtpBuM

You can use the Google Earth Decoder Optimization Tools (GEDOT).