Antonov AN-225 "Mriya"

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The Antonov An-225 "Mriya" (= dream) is a 6-jet cargo aircraft developed in the former Soviet Union and the largest and heaviest aircraft in use in the world, only 1 of which was completed and put into operation. It has the largest approved take-off mass of all aircraft built to date and has 6 engines and 28 wheels on the main landing gear.
Dear FS2020 community,
Since I am so enthusiastic about this simulation and the Antonov, I started modding the aircraft gradually to FS2020 about 2 months ago. This is my first big attempt at modding. I am not a professional modder. I only do this as a hobby. There is definitely still a lot about this aircraft that still needs to be improved and changed. I also have great problems opening the nose. If someone is there to fix the problem, please contact me.
I am grateful for any suggestion for improvement.
The Antonov An-225 has been converted from FSX. The mod version is consciously V0.5 because it is still beta version.
The Boing 747-8 serves as the base and cockpit. The custom sound files are also supported by A320 Neo Sounds. Since FS2020 only supports 4 engines, only 4 engines will work. But all of them work optically.
I would like to thank the actual developer of the mod for FSX, the dear Douglas E. Trapp, for the release. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Thomas Ruth and William Luxton who modeled, painted and packed the antonov back then.
Many thanks to maxx2504/Micha, Kingzelot, paulhannover and Daddel for their Support
1) Extract the Antonov AN225.rar
2) Drag the AN225 folder into your Community Folder
3) Have fun!


If you want to use the Salty Mod, you still need the Mod -----> Salty-Mod
Extract this Mod and copy it into the Community Folder


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Thank you! 
Die Antonow An-225 „Mriya“ (= Traum) ist ein in der ehemmaligen Sowjetunion entwickeltes 6-strahliges Frachtflugzeug und das größte sowie schwerste im Einsatz befindliche Flugzeug der Welt, von dem nur 1 Exemplar fertiggestellt und in Betrieb genommen wurde. Es hat die größte zugelassene Startmasse aller bisher gebauten Flugzeuge und verfügt über 6 Triebwerke und 28 Räder am Hauptfahrwerk.
Liebe FS2020 Community,
Da ich von dieser Simulation und von der Antonov so begeistert bin, habe ich vor ca. 2 Monaten angefangen das Flugzeug nach und nach zu FS2020 zu modden. Das ist mein erster großer Modding Versuch. Ich bin kein Profi-Modder. Das mache ich nur als Hobby. Es gibt bestimmt noch vieles an diesem Flugzeug was noch verbessert und verändert werden muß.
Ich habe auch grosse Probleme die Nase zu öffnen. Falls da auch jemand gibt, das Problem zu beheben bitte ich den jenigen mich zu kontaktieren.
Ich bin für jeden Verbesserungsvorschlag dankbar.  
Die Antonov An-225 ist von FSX konvertiert worden. Die Mod-Version ist bewusst V0.5 weil es noch Beta Version ist. 
Als Basis und Cockpit dient die Boing 747-8. Die Custom-Sound-Dateien werden zusätzlich von A320 Neo Sounds unterstützt. Da FS2020 nur 4 Triebwerke unterstützt, funktionieren auch nur 4 Triebwerke. Optischen arbeiten aber alle. 
Ich möchte mich hiermit ganz herzlich bei dem eigentlichen Entwickler des Mod´s für FSX dem lieben Douglas E. Trapp für die Freigabe bedanken. Auch Thomas Ruth und William Luxton bedanke ich mich ganz hertzlich die damals die antonov modelliert, lackiert und gepackt haben. 
Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei maxx2504/Micha, Kingzelot, paulhannover und Daddel für die Unterstützung bedanken.
1) Entpacke die Datei AN225.rar
2) Kopiere den Ordner AN225 in dein Community Ordner
3) Hab Spaß!


Falls du den Salty-Mod benutzen möchtest, brauchst du noch den Mod ------> Salty-Mod
Auch diesen Mod entpacken und in den Community Ordner kopieren

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  • Version 0.61 June 13, 2021

    - Remove loading Screen
    - changed Cockpit Camera Position
    - changed Cockpit Textures

  • Version 0.60 June 06, 2021

    - compatible with Salty-Mod
    - added new loading-screens

  • Version 0.55 May 24, 2021

    - added many Lights
    - fixed some Textures

  • Version 0.52 May 23, 2021

    -back to v0.52

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127 Commentaires

Will it be possible to fix the cockpit texture flickering? It gives me headache when flying in cockpit for longer time...

The outside lights on the left and right are a little under the wings, see picture


Just wondering since only 4 of the 6 engines actually push you along did you give the 4 that work an extra 0.5x thrust so the plane still has the same thrust as it would normally?

Hello All

I left a comment about 8 hrs ago stating the right MFD on both side was not working!! It only had "MENU"!! Well after I downloaded .61 it had the same problem!! But when I removed the salty-747 mod, the MFD'S on both sides were working. So I guess there is a conflict, between .61 and salty-747!! Hope this works for everyone!!

Many downloadable files shown in the download section but no clear instructions. Why are old superceded files still shown? Why is there a "main" file and also a file "0.61" when "0.61" is the latest version. If we cannot delete superceded files please provide some guidance on the main page please😊 PS: and what is the "Salty.Mod"???

Ist die Mod auch mit der Buran Huckepack in Planung und kann der MSFS die Aerodynamik für ein solches Gespann nachvollziehbar reproduzieren?

Unfortunately I cannot fly this. When I open the throttles at the threshold, it veers to the right despite applying full left rudder.

The only way I can keep it straight is by closing the left engines and apply full power to the right engines and cannot get flying speed.

I have tried adjusting the rudder trim but it has no effect.

Anyone else have this problem?

Nice plane but my PC crashes.

Great plane so far. Keep the work up. However, please don't use the loading screens. I understand I can easily delete a mission folder, but they show up for every single plane, and it's another step I'll have to go through each update.

Perfekt. Alles funktioniert bestens- auch im saltymod.

Been doing some long hauls on this, lots of fun! The cockpit definitely is bright with the blue but i appreciate the authenticity one thing I've noticed is that the cockpit doesn't align with the actual cockpit on the plane. It sits a lot higher and closer to the front of the nose, i noticed this effects my landing perspective a bit. Anyway we can adjust that?

Please dont put loading screen in your package 🙏 Your pictures are not at the resolution of my screen, so they are stretched, droopy and appear between each flight while I do not systematically use your beautiful aircraft, thanks.

WOW, a new update!!! Thanks you are the best, keep doing a great work, i hope some day your work will be in YouTube showing what a amazing work have you been done!!!

a question you can make so that antonov a225 can open so that you can see all the cargo goods in the plane would be very cool

Nice work fly's superb but a pity about landing lights and Taxi lights not working!

Love flying this, nice work!

Un espectáculo visual... Felicitaciones y ojalá lo sigas mejorando... Saludos!

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