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Milford Sound Airport NZMF (New Zealand) v2.5

Milford Sound Airport  (New Zealand) v2.5by Sergio Del [email protected] so much to everyone who appreciates me and supports my passion for making these scenarios.If you liked it, just a comment, if you want to donate something like a coffee I'm happy anyway. Make a DONATION paypal account:...

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Sortie initiale
October 30, 2020
Dernière mise à jour
1 year(s) ago — 2.5 Orbx 101

Milford Sound Airport  (New Zealand) v2.5
by Sergio Del Rosso
[email protected]

Thanks so much to everyone who appreciates me and supports my passion for making these scenarios.
If you liked it, just a comment, if you want to donate something like a coffee I'm happy anyway.

paypal account: [email protected]

Official topic

A BIG THANKS to @hnielsen791 for give his permission to use some model from his incredibile works with Global AI Ship Traffic V1 for MSFS 1 without this, the cruise port would never have been the same

SdR scenery pack
Global AI Ship Traffic V2

IF YOU USE ORBX New Zeland DEM file USE V.2.3



What's new in V.2.5
+update the scenery for work with WU8 and SU7
+add some static model, like death trees, rocks
+add materials

What's new in V.2.4
+update the scenery for work with ORBX DEM 1.01
+update the scenery for work with Global AI Ship Traffic V2
+fix other things

What's new in V.2.3 25/8/2021
currently the scenario actively supports the default DEM and the Orbx DEM (Which I recommend).
I updated version 1.8 with the default DEM to version 2.3. There may be some layer problems

What's new in V.2.3
+fix texture problem on some model
+made new texture for the little house near heli pad
+fix other things

What's new in V.2.2
+after SU5 i just open the scenery and save with the SU5 update

What's new in V.2.1  (Orbx Dem version)
+add and model the "Milford Sound Boat Ramp" with:
    -port quay with parking for amphibious aircraft  (choose parking W, like Water) 
    -fishing boat provide by Henrik Nielsen's Global AI Ship Traffic 
    -kayak rental model
    -dinghy mercury marine
        -rocks and light pole
+add rocks/cliff to the mesh in the fiord
+fix height layer
+fix tree layer

there is no upgrade planned for versions 1.8 and 1.9 because as indicated the scenario gives its best with the orbxdem package


What's new in V.2.0
+orbx dem compatibility
+fix height layer
+fix tree layer
+add cruise harbor 3d model

What's new in V.1.9
+fix all the height area in according with the NEW ZEALAND MESH by Mikeaat
+fix trees area 
+add 3 heli pad GATE H
+add beacons flash red lights 


What's new in V.1.8
+fix some height area
+fix some high peak like Mitre
+fix snow layer
+add snow on civil road


What's new in V.1.7
+model and texturing a new main building
+fix some height area
+remove the bench near the taxiway in according with some new video found on the web
+fix some materials layers to have more blend with the snow

What's new in V.1.6 
+fixed modellib-bgl (see
+find time to texuring heli mesh ;)
+fix asphalt layer to obtain snow effect 
+move satellite dish far from taxiway
+other little adjust


What's new in V.1.5

+ model and add helicopter manin fuel station near hangar
+ other retouch on scenary



What's new in V.1.4

+ model and add crowd Control Barrier
+ correct helicopter model position near the runway
+ change main bulding model and texture 
+ correct some track sign on apron and heli parking


What's new in V.1.3

+ add 6 helicopter model
+ add new fence
+ add little wood house near heli pad
+ fix some poligon height on mountain


What's new in V.1.2
+After last patch, (USA update) Asobo has decide to change the mesh mountain around Milford. There are again worst, but less worst of the first Asobo version. This, combined with the changes that I had made, has produced a disaster. So I had to redo all the profiles of the mountains using only the damn rectangles, an infamous job.
+ model two new fence in according with the airport photo found online
+ model and add the helicopter correct hangar
+remove all the light from airport
+add civil road around the airport

What's new in V.1.1
redone the fences inserted the most correct vegetation possible
reconstructed the headlands of runway 11 and 29improved mesh relative to fjord mountains
inserted the meshes relating to the rocks emerging from the waterremade the edges of the sea

Milford Sound Airport (IATA: MFN, ICAO: NZMF) is a small but very busy (in terms of flight movements) airport in Milford Sound, in New Zealand's Fiordland region of the South Island. It is mainly used by tourist / flightseeing operators.
The Airport is located in the village Milford Sound located at the head of the fiord Milford Sound. It serves the Milford Sound tourism industry including boats, kayaks, Milford Track, as well as the fishing boats based at Milford Sound. It stands at the head of the fiord at the junction of the Cleddau and Arthur rivers.


2.5 Orbx 101

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  • Mise à jour de la version 2.5 Orbx 101

  • Mise à jour de la version 2.4 ORBX 1.0

  • Mise à jour de la version 2.3 ORBX

  • Mise à jour de la version 2.3 NO DEM

  • Mise à jour de la version 2.3

  • Mise à jour de la version 2.2

  • Initial File Release

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Global AI Ship Traffic V2 seems to be no longer available. Also, the Orbx New Zealand dem 1.0.1 mesh is no longer available, as MSFS has a new very similar mesh since World Update 12.

More importantly, Sim Update 12 seems to have made this airport completely unusable. There are trees all over the airport, and if you spawn on the runway (depending on which end, I guess) you start on top of a house roof.

I don't know what happened with the recent update but the whole airport has trees and buildings on top of it LOL

UPDATE: I just realized that the problem I have with Trees in the Helipads and blocking the parking entrance may be because of the 10m DEM files that I may not have installed when I first installed the NZMF scenery a few months ago.

I have the ORBX NZ mesh installed and maybe I thought the developer meant that I should NOT install the 10m DEM files if I have the ORBX mesh. But now, it seems that I SHOULD install the 10m DEM files (1 through 4), regardless of the ORBX NZ mesh.

I downloaded the 10m DEM Parts 1 & 2, (and all the downloads attached to those two) as well as a fresh download of the NZMF. I may even redownload and install the Global ships files, though the previous installation I made seems to be fine when I flew out there three days ago.

When I get a chance later today, I'll install all the new downloads and see if I fixed the tree problem.

**FYI to Sergio: I sent you a donation for the great work on NZMF and I'm sure I need to check and see if I've sent a donation for any of your other work! Thanks again!


I love this NZMF scenery! It's the place I either take off from or fly to more often than any other airport I have.

However, recently, (like, 3 days ago), I noticed that there were trees blocking the entrance to the aircraft parking and trees on the helipads! I don't know why that is.

I decided to download the NZMF scenery again today. I don't think this download is any newer than the one I have installed, but I'll delete the installed version and replace it with the fresh download.

I'm not at all discouraged with this addon airport and I'm sure I can find a solution if this doesn't fix the tree problem. In fact, I'm so pleased with the NZMF airport that I'm going to make a donation as soon as I'm through writing this!


Looks like WU12 had some serious impact on this great scenery mod 😞. The whole airport mod has been moved 50-100m to the south. I note you have a displaced thresh hold on the runway, that has caused an issue on some of my work so maybe check that first. Kev

any difference between this and the Asobo version came out today

bonjour de France.OK with s11. merci pour ce travail

Excellent work, professional piece of work! Just want to say thank you for your hard work even though it looks like the next world update will build over your work. You've provided the NZ flightsim community with an excellent resource enjoyed for several years. Best Regards and thanks.

how do you got these rock textures??

Hey guys,

GOOD Things are coming 😉

Great work

Excellent add on

just installed milford today and all is weird......vertical mountains on top of eachother etc...need help pls.....

Is it possible to have a version without the ORBX DEM? Like it was in v2.3?

Please add exclusion to override airport files in orbx mesh, and exclusion to avoid conflict with YBNA Ballina


I have 2 center lines on my runway. How can i remove one of them?

Thanks for your help.

Thank you for this beautiful scenery 😊

Can confirm this works with SU10 and ORBX mesh. You must delete the two files relating to this airport from the orbx mesh (default and airport files). Great place! I usually cheat and make the weather summer time so I can land here in anything I want. Not sure where the author is but I hope they come back, update some scenery and keep making more.

Just a heads up that I can't load a flight at YBNA Ballina, Australia (payware from AUSCENES) with the Milford Sound Scenery No DEM add-on (SdR Milford 2.3 NO DEM

1.0 August 25, 2021 - 196.43 MB) in the Community folder.

There's obviously a conflict between the two. If you need more detail to find the problem, let me know.

Sergio: Your Milford Sound Airport (NZMF) v2.5 along with your SDR Scenery Pack and Henrik Nielsen’s Global AI Ship Traffic are working perfectly fine with SU9 but only after I downloaded the updated Orbx New Zealand Mesh version 1.1.0 (not to be confused with the older version 1.0.1). The Orbx mesh update comes with three files: orbx-mesh-new-zealand, z_airport-nzmf, and z_default-nzmf.  It is a fun bonus to use a float plane to and from the docks. Located in the US using real weather, I was soon reminded that June in New Zealand is winter with cold temperatures, snow, and ice. Although Milford Sound looks like water, float planes do not work because the surface is actually ice. So users must be aware and change the MSFS date and temperature settings to get water for float planes.  Love your work. Thank you.

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  • Version 2.5 Orbx 101 February 02, 2022

    +update the scenery for work with SU8
    +add some static model, like death trees, rocks
    +add materials

  • Version 2.4 ORBX 1.0 October 01, 2021

    What's new in V.2.4
    +update the scenery for work with ORBX DEM 1.01
    +update the scenery for work with Global AI Ship Traffic V2
    +fix other things

  • Version 2.3 ORBX August 25, 2021

  • Version 2.3 NO DEM August 25, 2021

    Update the NO DEM version from 1.8 to 2.3

  • Version 2.3 August 01, 2021

    What's new in V.2.3
    +fix texture problem on some model
    +made new texture for the little house near heli pad
    +fix other things

  • Version 2.2 July 30, 2021

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