Oslo University hospital Ullevål

Oslo Heliport, Ullevål (ICAO: ENUH) is a helipad with a 30.55 meters (100.2 ft) diameter located on the top of a parking garage. It has a walkway to the emergency department. The helipad features a fuel tank. Ullevål University Hospital (Norwegian: Ullevål...

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Take off from the very center of OSLO in Ullevål Hospital, ICAO ENUH. Made with photogrammetry in and around the hospital itself. There is one helipad for takeoff and landing, and I recommend using this pack with the "WORLD UPDATE V: NORDICS" from MSFS marketplace - to get key buildings in the city.
There is also a "OSLO Photogrammetry" to be found here in, if you have a very powerful computer. This covers the centrum area and all the surrounding islands. Keep in mind that this is pack is made of old photos, before Bjørvika and Sørenga was built complete, and you see a lot of cranes and unfinished buildings with this pack.


Just drop the "habibi-ulleval-scenery" in the community folder, under "C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community" and look up ENUH ingame.


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10 day(s) ago / Remercié par keem85

Looking forward to try this. Now we just need the Lørenskog helibase to complement the hospital. Great work!

I was struggling to find this scenery through searching and the scenery map. Has it been linked to "Norway"?

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