LKZA Zabreh (Dolni Benesov) – MSFS v.1.0           Martin Duris a Jaroslav Zanat, January 2023


Thanks for downloading our scenery.

The aim of this project was to create the most believable scenery of Zabreh airport (Dolni Benesov) as possible. Where possible, original 3D models were created. In order to complete the atmosphere, objects from the MSFS library and from various libraries were used with the written consent of their authors. You can find their names and library names in the "Installation" section. Many thanks to them for their work. Paragraph "Acknowledgments".

Scenery description:

The basis of this scenery is an ortho photo (source: The color was adjusted to fit better than the default bing map. The scenery occupies the area of the airport.


To view all objects, please at first download, unzip and copy to the “Community” folder in your MSFS:

1.)    CZ General Aviation Airfields: Revival 2020:

2.)    Dave's 3D People Library:                                 

3.)    EDHK Lights & Objects Developers Pack :    

Installation procedure: 

1.)    Unzip the file: " LKZA Zabreh airport_v1.0" for example to the desktop.

2.)    Folders: " fps-lkza-zabreh " copy to the "Community" folder in your MSFS.

Enjoy flying over Dolni Benesov 😊


CZ General Aviation Airfields: Revival 2020           - Milan Smid ( great aircraft models )

Dave's 3D People Library                                             - BadMed ( great models of people )

EDHK Lights & Objects Developers Pack                - MrRo ( great light models )

Thank you very much.

Terms of use:

The work published in this archive is subject to all legal standards on copyright protection. It is forbidden to modify, further distribute and use the work for commercial purposes without the knowledge of the authors and their written consent. The authors disclaim any responsibility for any problems arising after the installation or use of this scenario. Due to lack of time, we provide only limited support. Thank you for understanding.

authors:              Martin Duris       - ortho texture, RWY, TAXI, Appron, placement of objects.

Jaroslav Zanat   - 3D models of buildings, animations, placement of objects.

Contact:              [email protected]

Support:              [email protected]


You can find the maps in the "Charts" folder, which is part of the package.