A few days ago I upload this scenery, but was just not satisfied. This is Version 1.1 and many changes and additions, plus one exclusion has been added. I had the location of the terminal building and Averett's hanger too far to the back. The terminal is actually a drive under and should cross the driveway. I moved Avertt's hanger, and scaled it down, it was far too big compared to Earth images, and doing so also moved it out of the parking ramps, so that solved my AI problem also. I added street lights and two more flags of prop size at their proper locations. One use to be the hanger that NASCAR driver Ward Burton stored his airplane in, the other at the fire station. I added a few more structures and a fuel farm. And I removed that unsightly beacon tower that KDAN simply does not have. It was blocking part of the street too. There used to be a beacon near the tower, but it's now gone.

Installation: Open the .zip containing the folder cazdesign-kdanscenery and copy that folder to your MSFS 2020 Community folder. If you have downloaded and installed Version 1.0, simply click Replace all folders when asked.

Thank you to all in the community for supporting my meager efforts.