FSLTL Jazz Aviation E175 fallback livery

This patch replaces the generic "blank" E170 that FSLTL spawns as fallback of the E175 JZA, with the most current livery.

Jazz Aviation is flying the E175s as Air Canada Express under a capacity purchase agreement with Air Canada. The E175 fleet will serve cities in Central and Eastern Canada, and fly transborder routes to/from cities in the Northeast US. Usually spotted in CYYZ. Check plane locations in FlightRadar24 for more info.


1- Place the file 'MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe' in a convenient location on your PC

2- Copy the folder 'SimObjects" inside the 'fsltl-traffic-base' folder in community, click Yes to replace files.

3- Drag the file 'layout.json' (located in the 'fsltl-traffic-base' folder) onto the exe file, let it process for a few seconds. 

4- Launch MSFS

NOTE: After an FSLTL model update you need to repeat Step 2 and 3.
After an Injector update there is no need to reinstall.