So many problems for a few bucks. The owner of a local boat rental lent the boat to a group of barely aged students. They sailed from the port without any experience with navigation. They got lost, of course. We have radio contact with them but they do not know where they are. They hit a cliff between two small islands, somewhere in the southern part of the Everglades National Park. That is all we know. In addition, one of the teenagers is injured. Police will deal with the owner of the rental shop later, now it is necessary to find those kids.

I would like to introduce my search and rescue mission, and it will be your task to find a lost sport boat in the Florida Keys/Everglades NP. The boat is stuck on a cliff between two small islands. You will get 6 POI but only one is right. You have to find it.

Hard mode: If you like suffering, if you like SAR missions, and want to search 1200 square kilometers without help here you go. No VFR map, no NAV log just defined search area. Note: do not look in the normal documentation folder and do not try to turn on the SAR mission normal because of spoilers.  I do not recommend this mode for those who are not fans of SAR missions, or for whom they are not patient.

Copy folders: kimo, 1fa4, ever-glades and ever-gladeshard to community folder.

Although this mission is technically a bush trip, it has nothing to do with the bush trip. The mission will not lead you by the hand. You will get some basic information and you will have to look for the ship. How you do it is up to you. The VFR map is intentionally turned off. The mission can take about 30 minutes but also for several hours, depending on how you decide. Read the documentation for the rescue operation, plan your route yourself, create your own flight plan. You can use a little nav map but don't scan the scenery file again, you could reveal where the ship is hidden. It is not necessary to visit all POIs. The mission will end when you land in the right place.

Make sure you read the documentation for the rescue operation.
Use your favorite maps if you feel lost.
Do not follow POIs, they are shuffled, create your own plan.
Land on the water as close to the boat s as possible.

Unzip and put files in the community folder.

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Created by using the f99mlu’s Bush Mission Generator program.