Bonanza V35 Style Interior for BlackSquare Models ver.2

This package includes a repaint for the interior of the default BlackSquare Bonanza models to match the Bonanza V35 beige/brown color scheme. Includes 4K textures and color details down to the coat hanger hooks. This version 2 is darker and richer than previous version.

After copying this mod to your "Community" folder, the interior of all the default BlackSquare variations will be changed. This color scheme will become the default interior for any liveries you install that do not already have a custom cockpit variation. This mod should not affect any repaint or livery that includes custom interior textures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not rename the folder for this mod. 

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: This mod is not compatible with our other V35 cockpit enhancement. Having both installed will produce unknown (and unsupported) results.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or corrections.

Henry S.