This is an enhancement to the outstanding FlyingIron Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 payware add-on that adds historical markings (Swastikas) as applicable to the liveries that ship with the package. The levels of the markings have been adjusted to match each aircraft individually so as to have them blend with the original paint correctly. 

Pictures of this mod cannot be shown in full for obvious reasons. Please be advised, you are responsible for downloading this mod if it is unlawful in your country. I take no responsibility for you potentially unlawful actions. 



Simply unzip the "" to your community folder.



FM+BB Did not have a swastika as it is a privately owned post-war aircraft. It was added in case some wanted a 'What If' scheme. If you would prefer to keep the original scheme, just delete the "texture.FMBB" folder from the mod. 

You MUST own the FlyinIron Bf-109G-6 payware aircraft to use this mod.