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Yet another livery being made on request. The word "Scandinavian" on the engines are not applied due to limitations on texture mapping.
Note that there maybe a folder named something like "amp_a321_CVT_" generated inside the Community Mods Folder after installing the AMP A321 and started the game for the first time. In case for any updates with this aircraft, delete the mentioned folder to make sure the changes to be applied.
For making the A321 really appear in AI traffic, these parameters are needed to insert into the aircraft.cfg of A321 (default path is "AMP_A321\SimObjects\AIRPLANES\AMP_Airbus_A321", NOT the aircraft.cfg of the livery)
icao_type_designator = "A321"
icao_manufacturer = "AIRBUS"
icao_model = "A-321"
icao_engine_type = "Jet"
icao_engine_count = 2
icao_WTC = "M"
And then, these parameters are needed to change as:
atc_type = "TT:ATCCOM.ATC_NAME AIRBUS.0.text"
atc_model = "TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL A321.0.text"

C'est plutôt vide par ici.

C'est plutôt vide par ici.

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    La première version de ce fichier vient de sortir. Bienvenue à bord !

C'est plutôt vide par ici.

This category is for the Third Party Aircraft A321 by Project Mega Pack. You will require their A321 mod to use these files.
3 Commentaires
  • Tozesa
    3 month(s) ago
    American Arlines!!! Pls. thak you!!
  • AviationSimulation
    3 month(s) ago
    good work, is the air moldova livery possible for this a321?
    • kychungdotcom
      3 month(s) ago
      You may submit a request ticket for consideration

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