DAMFOOL - Default Aircraft Management Folder Original Organization Library

(or: how to get rid of the pesky Pitts ;) )

With this set of folders you can get rid of all default MSFS aircraft.
So you can decide what MSFS aircraft you'd like to see in your MSFS aircraft selection by activating/deactivating/deleting folders.
Keep your aircraft overview clean with just the addons you'd like to see!



you can drag all the folders simply into your community folder to hide all MSFS default aircraft.
Or you select and drop single folders for aircraft you want to hide

However I recommend to use Addon Linker! Therefore you can activate/deactivate your wanted/unwanted default aircraft much easier!
IMPORTANT! When you use Addon Linker, you have to put the downloaded folders into a folder with low alphabetical order, e.g. "XX-Hide Addons"!!!


Advantage: it is much faster then deinstalling certain aircraft from packages and some aircraft are not able to uninstall at all.
With these folders you do not see any of them, even if they are installed.
Survives any update
If you do not have one of these installed, that doesn't matter, will be simply ignored.


As far as I can say it does not have any side-effects. I use this folders since a long time. If so, please report.


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