Allow me to introduce my 4th Bushtrip, this time to the Midwest Bohemia. Traditionally, we will take off from Roudnice nad Labem Airport and head towards the city of Slaný. From there, we will fly to Lánská Obora, where we will enjoy the beauty of the Czech Karst and Křivoklát forests. We will visit important Czech castles and chateaux in this area, see the beauty of the Berounka River, and land at beautiful local airports. And as always, we will take a look at a bit of history and enjoy a fun flight.

Note: I recommend installing the following freely available add-ons to fully enjoy the flight:

MSFS2020 Map Enhancement pro Microsoft Flight Simulator (switch to Google maps)

CZ Landmarks pro Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

TV and Radio transmitters of Czech Republic pro Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Installation: extract the file in the archive and copy it to the community folder in your simulator. The version is compatible with WU 14.

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