Greetings Fellow Simmers!

I've got a Double Package Deal that brings both the MScenery KC135 & RC135 to you as Ground Services have been established for both for the GSX Pro Profiles!  These two Aircrafts are both sold at the Online Store of the Microsoft Market Place, the last two uploads were from Port-Overs done by your fellow simmers.  These two are not for the Aircraft that are downloaded here on, just want to make that very clear to you.  In reality the RC135 Cargo Doors are on the Left Side of the Aircraft above the hump, unfortunately having the loader at this particular spot isn't very realistic with GSX Pro.  The Loader itself would have to be quite a ways into the fuselage that makes it look pretty silly, as it does not open anyway I opted to move the Cargo Bay Door to the Right Rear Side of the aircraft which looks more realistic than having to have the loader look like it crashed into the main frame of the fuselage.  Still very immersive in look and feel, also you will notice that the PAX are coming out of the Front Lower Left of the nose as this is where Pilots and Crew disembark from.  Also, those of you who know this aircraft will see that they are not coming down a ladder instead they are coming straight out of the fuselage like if it were an airliner.  This; however, still looks fairly realistic as if "a" door were opening to the left as you would see in an airliner configured for GSX Pro.  With all that, I believe you will still get a very immersive experience with the RC135 Profile...but, be warned since it is such a large jet it will have approximately 348 or so PAX boarding and deboarding, pretty much like a Jumbo Jet.  If there are those of you who do not want PAX boarding or deboarding let me know and if there is enough interest I will upload a profile without PAX.  with PAX makes it look and feel like a Military Transport for Civilian Contractors, with hemmm.

And, as usual, all you have to do is unzip to your favorite unzipping folder and drag them into your Virtuali folder:


Please DELETE any previous versions you may have downoaded before copying these two profiles into your folder.  As copying usually overwrites any old folders and files deleting them first prevents any unwanted corruption to your data.  If you like my downloads please "comment", "rate", and give "likes" so that others may enjoy in my profiles as well.

If you want to change what ULD Containers come out of your cargo hold underneath the aircraft you can change them in the GSX MAIN MENU Dialog Box before you start deboarding.  The way to access this Dialog Box:

1.  When you have the aircraft ready to deboard or board click the default keys to bring up the Box, by default it is "CTRL + SHIFT + F12".  This will show the dialog box and you will want to choose "Customize Airplane". 

2.  This will bring up the "Customize Aircraft" dialog box.  Choose either one of the Cargo 1 or Cargo 2 doors and it will give you a drop-down menu so that you can choose which containers it will use to load and unload.  I have it set to default all the containers.  Deselect the ones you don't want to use and just close by clicking either save or the "X" at the top right of the dialog box.  The most common containers used for the A330 aircraft are "LD3" & "AKE" ULD containers.  Go ahead and customize how see what is loaded and unloaded from your aircraft.

If you have any issues with unzipping or you find that the data is corrupted delete the unzipped folder and unzip again fresh and new.  And, as I like to tell my friends, "Fly fast, high and safe landings!"