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  • Version October 12, 2021

    Change Log
    - Live ATC Background audio added
    - Error suppression with clearer info
    - Custom Audio fixed
    - Custom Audio fixed for PaxSim and Soundboard
    - Cathay Pacific Audio fixed
    - Events page will now show you what event's you have done
    - Spelling mistakes finished
    - Dasboard tweaked
    - AirTool's first birthday event update
    - Airline audio list sync is fixed for some users
    - Weather not showing up for some areas fixed
    - Removed flight report for now until I make it better
    - Improvement to landing rate
    - Added landing G-Force
    - Added landing speed
    - Airline search
    - Real World live weather (Day and night) animated icons
    - Re-arranged items
    - Flight Summary
    - Passenger names will be shown when clicked on a seat
    - Removed pointless icons
    - Extended seat plan panel across the entire form
    - Seat plans now expand depending on their size
    - Boarding button now displays status of boarding or deplaning
    - New name sets for passengers including age and gender
    - New request items
    - Customise quick link buttons to what ever you want. Go to settings > customise
    - Start up order changed
    - New Splash Screen
    - PaxSim event bug
    - Implementing self updater
    - Verious bugs fixed with flight setup
    - Some UI adjustments through out the app

  • Version August 24, 2021


    - Updater Built in
    - Flight Setup UI Cleaned up

  • Version August 23, 2021

    Fixed issue with one passenger being left behind
    Fixed issue with installation and updater using new launcher

  • Version August 22, 2021

    NEW LAUNCHER <- Must have

    - Audio+ adding around 600,000 new audio files, 900 airlines, destination read out and more to come
    - Play default audio if airline has missing audio
    - VR Support
    - Over the Air controls (Use another web enabled device)
    - If mentioned in chat, name will be highlighted
    - Instaboard toggle under manage / Tools
    - Events upgraded
    - Displaying more information on home screen
    - New layout allows you to preview seat plans
    - New search function added to workshop
    - Better aircraft location detection
    - Overlay UI slightly modified
    - New Launcher
    - New in game panel (requires additional download)

    - Map is 100% accurate
    - Fixed volume at max on start in paxsim
    - Fixed Paxsim panel might go invisible sometimes
    - Fixed boarding where one passenger might be left behind
    - Fixed boarding audio
    - Fixed SimBrief causing issues when unboarding
    - Fixed Hovering over toggles showing wrong tooltip
    - Fixed Unable to clear events
    - Fixed If no seat plan was selected it will let you continue
    - Fixed Not showing up in flight history
    - Fixed FSUIPC Displaying wrong information
    - Fixed Unable to minimise cargo
    - Fixed log displaying wrong information
    - Fixed Settings not saving
    - Fixed UI labels
    - Fixed Proximity audio toggle cannot be changed
    - Fixed Audio troubleshoot window hiding behind other windows
    - Fixed Unable to search correctly in Workshop
    - Improved CPU and RAM usage
    - Removed unused buttons
    - Social page session fixed
    - UI Charts matches rest of the app
    - Layout creator now matches rest of the app

  • Version July 29, 2021


    - Proxmity Audio (Audio will mute when camera is outside)
    - Layover Flight (PaxSim)
    - Divert Flight in progress (PaxSim)
    - End of Flight report (PaxSim)
    - Seatplan preview in workshop
    - Custom Audio UI adjustments
    - Main Menu Update notification
    - Removed Cloud backup and replaced with Local settings backup
    - Auto detect settings after update and install
    - Covid button replaced with Special Buton (Star)
    - PaxSim fuel and Payload info displayed
    - Discord Status Fixed
    - You can now choose to view unread messages in your mailbox

  • Version July 11, 2021

    - New Flight Log System
    - New Profile Page
    - 11 Extra audio buttons added to PaxSim and Soundboard
    - Log view upgraded
    - Menu icons
    - Remove your flight from log (doing so will remove score for that flight)
    - Check your rank progress with visual progress bar in profile page
    - Additional Profile information

    - Old flight logs will not show up on this new system. If you would like to transfer your current your old log files, please get in touch via support or discord

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911 Commentaires

Hey Luke, Would you by chance have a sound pack for qantas Autralia? or is there a way i can add my own sound files? thank you

this vesrion is very bad. 1st version was very better

i am trying to download this mod but on the requirements it says that FSUIPC is required but when i click on the hyper link to download FSUIPC it tells me is enable to download it. if i install the Luke air without the FSUIPC would everything still work? or where can i get FSUIPC ?

My problem with After verify route i got (309) Redirected permanently on the little map, and i stuck there.

Hi! Can this be used with any GA aircraft like the smaller passenger turboprops? Or is it strictly for airliners only? Thanks!

Don't know what happened but this made my game CTD twice.. haven't had any CTD's since SU4. Downloaded this this morning and then i crashed twice. It's a shame cuz i love the announcements 😞 but good tool otherwise.

In the Announcements window, I can no longer find my custom sound set. Even if I re-save it. I can locate it within paxsim, but it is not in the list of airlines in the normal announcement app. It was there a couple of versions back. Any fix?

hi, does anyone know how to update your mods because in my downloads, it says a lot of mods need update as they are outdated?

Why removed Cathay Pacific Announcement soun track

Hello! Love this man! But i have a question... Where i can find the oficcial sounds by Azores Airlines ? In the AIRTOOL its the google women saying the stuffs hahaha

I cant find the audios.... I looked everywhere, youtube, google, even reddit xD

Just tried the basic version of this and liking it so far - but I find the boarding

audio (assume this means music) does not seem to play for any of the airlines?(or do you need to download it separately)

Also when I download some other audio files (for other airlines) where do I put them to get them to work?(there seems an airlines folder but its empty)

Great add-on but I have one issue I was hoping you could help with. My last flight I started I tried to connect airtool and it said requires fsuipc. I have it, and it's running. It worked fine the flight before that, and the flight before that one it didn't, so it's really hit or miss whether it reads fsuipc as active or notm. Any ideas?

Greetings. I have a small problem with minimising your app's window within the flight sim. When I minimise the window its smaller the first time, If i minimise it second time it's minimized to a smal vertical rectangle, and the upper right button (3 horizontal pines) is gone, probablu cut away by strange resizing of the window. Also all the info is cutaway by this small window size. This prohibits me to expand the window again and I have to restart the app to have it's window in normal size. Any clue how to fix this? Great app by the way! 😊

Where do I find the regular soundfiles that comers with the addon.? Looking to replace the pax ambience sounds.

Hey! im fairly new to modding MSFS, i was just wondering if this will work with NeoFly? since it needs paxsim i was not sure if they are all three compatible.


Anyone have problems resting their password? Keeps coming up with an error on the webpage. 😞

Can I request you either remove Airline Sounds which have no files for now and also add PUSHBACK into the VR NavToolBar.

One other niggle is I must Re-enter the CODE whenever I use External View in VR.

I'm up to date but found it shows

is it possible to make passengers change the weight of the plane? you know, so full plane would be heavier and then it would change the payload in-game, reflecting that every single passenger and his luggage adds some weight to the airplane

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