Hello together ^^

Today i will share a flow plugin i first just wanted for myself but thought that maybe others may find it useful.

With this you can change the Terrain Level of Detail quickly on the fly, without pausing the sim. Thats all, there isnt more .
Probably many of us know the issue:
Low values of Terrain LOD cause blurry terrain from higher flightlevels. And some regions perform superb, others not (especially with photogrammetry). If there would be a tool where you dont always have to pause the sim for changes, it would be nearly viable to set you LOD high in well performing regions but when you arrive in a bad performing airport you can quickly lower the LOD, without breaking immersion.
Well, you can now ^^

TerrainLOD changes may not have an immidiate performance effect, it may take a little bit of flying to really load the new radius to have it affecting something.

ONLY tested on PC. Im not even sure one can install these things on xbox ^^

Changes in the textfield require an ENTER key on keyboard pressed. So this could be something that works different on xbox. I have to get into that first.
Please be aware that you have to DOUBLE-CLICK the buttons (mouse dbl click, quickly) . The value for "Current LOD" will change and a (most likely very short) notification should display. This may take "longer" on older systems (maybe half second? not sure) or some ppl on newer systems wont even see it.
On my installation it takes maybe 1/10 sec directly after dblclicking the button or press enter with a value set in the input field.
So please wait for this mini-popup before changing the LOD value again.

There is a validity check. But its on you if you really want to test the edges on this ^^ Please, for your own good, dont enter anything else but values from 1-400 into the input field. There should be a second, siminternal, check too but still, simply enter values from 1-400, its simple.

PS: Im not affiliated in any way with p42.