This is a custom Black and Red Livery for National eSTOL Fans that picked up the Mozzie from Got Friends!

Pick the Mozzie up here for free, and look at all of Got Friends awesome sim add-ons -> Got Friends Website!

Don't miss the next National eSTOL Competition, live in Microsoft Flight Simulator on January 13th, 2023 at 2pm EST, 7pm UTC!

You can find that broadcast on YouTube at National STOL Series as well as BurstixTV on Twitch


Just unzip this download and place into your community or add-ons linker folder just as you would any livery!


You can find us flying Bush, GA, Warbirds, etc. on Mondays for "Multi-Flight Monday", Wednesdays for "War Path Wednesday", and Thursdays for STOL Comp practice. Weekdays all start at 6pm Eastern, and Sundays we are live at 9am Eastern! Everyone is welcome, group flights here -> Twitch Channel for Group Flights

Don't forget to rate, and comment if you love this livery! Also, please message me here, join our Discord Server here Discord Community or stop into the twitch channel and join a group flight!


Want to fly with our group or use add-on content but can't figure out how to yet? Here are two videos to make this easy to get flying!

Watch this video for help finding us, and seeing our nametags in Multiplayer!  
 Turning on Nametags for Group Flights in Multiplayer!  
 Watch this video for help finding your Community Folder and installing mods so you can use add-ons!  
How to Install Add-Ons in 3 Minutes!

*Any part of this livery and/or the National eSTOL logo are strictly prohibited to be re-used or re-purposed for anything other than pertaining to this livery!. Thank you!