This script sets your cockpit to the following state:

-Both PFDs and both ND's to 10% brightness

-Upper and Lower ECAM pages to 10% brightness

-FCU text lighting to 10% brightness

-FCU integral light to off

-Overhead and main pedestal integral lights to off

-Com 1 set to 122.800 (VATSIM Unicom)

-Com 2 set to 121.500 (Emergency guard frequency)

-RMP2 set to VHF1 (to simulate that both pilots speak to com1 as per real life, also orange "SEL" light illuminates in all 3 RMP's)

-VHF2 latch on both ACP's raised (to simualte that both pilots listen to the Emergency guard frequency)

There is also a second script for anyone that uses an external EFB and  wants the cockpit ones to disappear also


Import the script files by going to "Scripting-Import Scripts".  Check both boxes. Then go to Scripting-Aircraft Automated Scripts, Choose one of the two scripts, set to "one shot-beginning", set delay to your prefference by putting the cursor to the number you want to change and changing it with the mouse wheel (i have it at 5000ms, 5 seconds) and finally click "Add/Update" (you can also look at p64 of the AAO manual)

Alternatively, you might not want to start it automatically in every flight but instead you can bind it with your keyboard or joystick

You can adjust the script to your preference, removing lines for actions you dont want to happen or edit them (displays' brightness is decreased by 0.9 to 10%, change 0.9 to 0.5 if you want 50% for example) 

Requires the payware addon AXIS AND OHS

I dont' know if this can be used with and how.  Please let me know if this is possible