Hell's gate Geothermal Reserve is New Zealand's only geothermal mud bath complex. It offers warm geothermal mud and sulphurous waters that have been used by the Maori for more than 700 years for healing and wellbeing.

This flight requires an amphibious aircraft.

Runway that departs in the direction of the flight plan: 13W (water runway)

Distance: 10 miles

No navigation or GPS instruments are required; simply follow the on-screen markers.

Do not engage the copilot or autopilot. They may alter or suppress waypoints.

MSFS settings for the best experience with this flight plan: Options > Assistance Options >

  • Piloting > AI Radio Communications (ATC) > Off (required to properly display the waypoints)
  • Navigation Aids > Route and Waypoints > On
  • Points of Interest > Landmark Markers > On
  • Points of Interest > City Markers = Off (optional - declutters the screen)
  • Points of Interest > Display Direction to Chosen POI > Off (disables confusing destination marker during flight)
  • Points of Interest > Display All Labels > Off
  • User Experience > ATC Enforce Flight Plan > On (prevent current conditions from overriding selected runway number)

How to Use This Flight Plan

  • Unzip the downloaded file into any folder.
  • The flight plan is the file that has the “ .pln ” filename extension.
  • MSFS > Welcome tab > World Map > Press Spacebar twice (More > Load) > Load From ...
  • Navigate to where you saved the flight plan and select it.
  • In the "From" airport, select the departure runway (provided in this description, above).
  • Click on the Flight Conditions window at the top right to adjust time and month.
  • Click on "Fly" at the bottom right of the screen.