Another release supported and created by the AIG community. This mod aims to significantly improve and increase the AI operations at Asobo's Premium KSFO. You will see a significant increase in AI aircraft spawning and opened gates. The original airport is required. 



  • Updated airline coding sampled between 20 Jan and 11 Feb 2024.
  • Modified original lights to a brighter/colder hue
  • Comprehensive modification of jetways
  • Hand-sorted and coded data to get airplanes to park at their respective/common GATE not terminal based on the sampled dates. For example
    • Emirates to gate A6
    • Air Canada to gate D12/D14
    • Breeze on D11/D10
    • Frontier on A14/A15
    • SAS and Singapore on G7/G8
    • This modification uses the current 2024 parking scheme where Star Alliance airlines are transitioning to the A-Gates
  • Complete overhaul of gate radius
  • Updated gates
    • F15 Added replacing original regional gates
    • G12/G13 named (Used to be 100/101)
    • Deletion of many secondary gates 
    • Gate B2/B5 added
    • Gate B7-B20 added, repositioned, and markings added
    • Multiple FBO spots were added and positioned to their correct area as per real-world ops
  • Updated taxiways and their respective markings
    • Twy Y, M3, M4, M5, S
  • Preserved wingspans on some gates for user aircraft, A380 is supported (up to 40m wingspans).
  • Preservation of original scenery files. No modifications or replacements are required to the scenery. This will work with all future updates to the scenery as well.
  • This modification utilizes the resized wingspan due to the Asobo bug that encircles a 6m bubble between each parking spot.

Expert Notes

  • Gate B10 and B11 are modified from the old gates since Asobo didn't delete the old B terminal 
  • SFO lights are omnidirectional type but there are no stock omnidirectional lights with the correct hue. Directional lights with the correct hue and brightness are chosen in lieu.
  • No A380 gates (40m) at the G-Gates since they would overlap with another gate. Regardless A380 gates at 40m exist at A11 and A6. Gate G13 is A380 for AI only (34m)
  • All hangar and remote gates de-prioritized.
  • Gate A13 is disabled to make room for A380 gate A11.


Drag and drop "z-ksfo-san-francisco-intl" into community folder.

Drag and drop "aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" to the installation location of AIG AIM (Usually the community folder). You will know you are doing it right if it asks to replace files.

Alternatively in AIG AI Manager, select settings, AIGAIM-OCI, "Use reduced wingspan", verify setup then save. Example here