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Version 4.4.74
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Dernière mise à jour September 20, 2021
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  • Version 4.4.74 September 20, 2021

    BUG-FIX: Tree category context menu delete (of multiple addons) wasn't working

  • Version 4.4.73 September 16, 2021

    FEATURE: New Architype added - "Discovery" which is a actually a Mission type with one location only and is used by Asobo for thier new discovery flights locations
    FEATURE: Improved QA tests mechanisms (available from the settings tab check box "QA Tests")
    FEATURE: Added support for detection of Robinson R44 Raven II
    BUG-FIX: Deselecting addons didn't remove them from the "Link" category

  • Version 4.4.72 September 15, 2021

    FEATURE: Returned support for addons QA tests
    FEATURE: Added support for one location .flt (e.g. Asobo's discovery flights) for missions & flight plans
    UPDATE: Manual updated to version 4.4.72

  • Version 4.4.71 September 15, 2021

    Wrong Version

  • Version 4.4.70 September 14, 2021

    FEATURE: Only Alphanumeric characters in tags, including non English languages
    FEATURE: Added support for .FLT Microsoft flight plans so now most mission are visible on the map and most flight plans are readable
    FEATURE: Flight plans detected in the root source folder are now being copied into a newly created folder, processed & tagged as flight plans in any sub source directories
    UPDATE: As of World Update 6, QA test mode is not functioning properly and therefore is disabled for now
    BUG-FIX: Refresh a tree item may have caused full refresh sometimes
    BUG-FIX: Non .pln files with trailing spaces in their titles were getting converted twice

  • Version 4.4.68 September 13, 2021

    FEATURE: Added "Auto Titles" checkbox (In the "List" section of the settings sub tabs) to make all list titles standardize
    FEATURE: Capitalize single words that were automatically splitted from unspaced titles
    FEATURE: Improved rating system - balance added
    UPDATE: Manual updated to version 4.4.67
    BUG-FIX: Removed brackets from tags
    BUG-FIX: Selecting the tree section of the settings sub-tabs disrupted UI form

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936 Commentaires

UPDATE: I should add I've installed WU#6.

Well, it's just not installing for me, or rather it is, in a location my system cannot access - VT Root/Disk 3 when I set it for c:\ during the install.

It does not show in c:\ Explorer

I've installed the Edge app.

Any ideas, anyone?

Hi Shay,

A couple of quickies:

  1. There have been a number of occasions where I have kicked off the app, but I see nothing going on. Resource Monitor shows it as running, but it doesn't come up on the screen. Last evening, I kicked it off at about 10 p.m., and finally killed it at about midday today. When I fired it up again, it came straight up. Strange.
  2. Several times the App has identified that a new version is available, and if I let it update, it does. But most of the time, I KNOW that there is a later version, and it appears to not recognize that a new version is available.
  3. Small question. I notice that associated with the app (in Resource Monitor) there is an association with a Visual Basic app. Is the app indeed written in VB?

Thanks for all the good work. Please keep it up.


Sorry if it got answered somewhere, but I cannot check/load more than 177gb of scenery. I have 500gb of scenery on a harddrive and the game is on an ssd and europe for me is around 250gb. is there a way to have more? Otherwise what a brilliant piece of software this is! I am loving it!

Hi, would it be possible to add "ICAO" as a row in the grid?

Because, some addons sadly don't put the ICAO in the addon title, so it would be nice to have the ICAO (as identified by the addon collector) as extra row in the grid for sorting and searching quickly.

It's not a big deal, just would add some convenience for me 😀

One more question on the extractions. You say "just drag and drop new versions archives you downloaded into your source folder and wait for the Collector to extract and tag it". I did so with a new file (i.e. no previous version existent), but nothing happens. Do I have to take any action in order to start the extraction process? Or does the self extraction only work if a previous file exists?

As everyone says: this tool is not self explanatory. Therefore, I am still using only very basic features. Based on them I can say, however: this is a great tool, and the support that you get from the author is just outstanding. I am convinced, the experience will be amazing, once I have learned more features. In order to speed up, a video tutorial would be so helpful. Hope that someone does. If not, maybe I will be the first, but before I need to learn much more about it. Thanks!!!!

Trying to figure something out here, does the app automatically link the files in my community folder to the sim? I also have MSFS addon linker, are both of these programs necessary after this program scans my "addon folder" or is it redundant to have both?

I can't find anything in the instructions about how to use the update function.

For example, if I have installed the "Gatwick Airport" addon in the AddOn Collector, how can I update it?

I have downloaded the file. Any installation guide? Which one of the three files I have to install?

Wow that Add on looks amazing. Is there a youtube Tutorial somewhere? Its complicated lol

This looks to do everything possible with addons that a simmer would want...except easily handle addon profiles. I've installed, allowed it to inventory my massive addon folder (took awhile but I have a very large addon folder) and attempted to create link profiles. My first was a subset with north america, south, etc. However the renamed tree shows almost all addons! I deselect them all, and the links stay in the Community folder. I want to love this but this behavior is the core function I want in an addon manager. Please advise how to resolve.

Would you consider bigger updates but less often? It's become cumbersome to update now, since we have to uninstall the previous version first.

Any installation instructions. I have installed, but when i run it, nothing... does MSFS2020 need to running for anything to happen ?

Hey Shay, I'm a basic user but have been using this app off and on for a while now.

A couple of issues I have are:

Default folders are .../packages/packages/...

The default Target and Preinstalled folders repeat the word packages which creates a new folder. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I've deleted the second packages folder, manually set the destinations, and crossed my fingers.

Teleport failures

I've always found the teleport option very hit and miss. I never recall which of the two teleport options to use, but the biggest problem is that I seem to get teleported at sea level (or thereabouts), so I just crash and die.

Is it possible to set the teleport alt? ...or just make it 1,500 AGL like MSFS does?

(I haven't teleported in a while now so it's possible this was fixed in a recent update)


version 4.4.27 is not here.

File to download is the same old one

Super convenient to auto extract and organize addons. But I dont know if i am doing anything wrong but unlink or untick in the collector does not remove the addon shortcut from the community folder and appears to be still loaded? how do i deselect some addons properly? could it be a conflict with addon linker which i had not touched once i found this one?

Release 4.4 of the Collector introduced a new rating system. The rating is calculated while tagging therfore one needs to fully retag his collection in order for the ratings to appear, otherwise only new tagged addons would appear rated.

An addon gains this poplarity rating when a user tags it and twice as much when he links it to the sim. The addon loose those gains if the user unlink or removes the addon altogther; Therfore rettaging or relinking doesn't improve addon's rating.

Small issue - there are a number of references in the manual to the "control panel", but control panel is not defined anywhere.

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