Wangen-Lachen LSPV Airfield for MSFS by AG Sim

Wangen-Lachen Airfield is a private airfield near the Lake of Zurich. 

The Airport is in the Franzrüti area, municipality of Wangen, It's surrounded by the Nuoler Ried nature reserve. Airfield is just north of the Fabulous Alps and there are air tours that you can join in the airfield. Also there is a small restaurant and you can have amazing lunch while you watch arriving/departing aircrafts. The Swiss Air Force's Patrouille Suisse aerobatic team regularly exercises above the airfield.

The airfield is perfect for sightseeing flights. The Glarus Alps, beautiful Lake of Zurich and complete nature. Seaplane hangar of the airfield is included too. 

What to expect about Wangen-Lachen Airfield for MSFS by AG Sim?

  • 3D Buildings created with details
  • 8192x8192 textures
  • Ground texture renewed
  • Vegetation around airfield
  • 4 season compatible
  • Seaplane hangar and apron
  • Animated windsock
  • Static cars and boats
  • Night lightning
  • Helipad (Parking 99 and 98)
  • Fair price for everyone


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator and a PC that can run MSFS
  • Disk Space: 211 MB


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October 12, 2021

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1.0 from October 12, 2021

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Drag and Drop

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220 MB

AG Sim

PC Xbox

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17 day(s) ago / Remercié par ardaguler

Nice airfield.

But first, please update the name of the modellib.BGL file to reflect MS/Asobo guidelines to give it a unique name, such as adding the 'ICAO code' to the file: Example (ICAO-modellib.BGL) and then update the layout.json file to reflect the new name.

The Problem: MSFS only reads the first file in the Community folder named modellib.BGL and then uses that file for all others with the same name. Renaming it avoids conflicts with any other scenery in the Community folder and gives your scenery the proper appearance with fewer problems.

The same is true for the 'mycompany' folder. Rename this as a unique name. Simply add the ICAO code to the folder name: ICAO-mycompany and update all instances within the layout.json file.



1 month(s) ago / Remercié par ardaguler

beautiful, many details are present, it is an airport very cared for by the AG SIM team

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