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Duckworks DC-3 Improvement Mod

Improvement mod for the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 included with any version of MSFS.   Current improvements (work in progress) : improved low-speed and in-ground-effect characteristics replaced windshield windows detail map, with more accurate and high res textures engine and flight model adjustments, stability, and accuracy improvements default camera position...

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Improvement mod for the Aeroplane Heaven DC-3 included with any version of MSFS.


Current improvements (work in progress) :
  • improved low-speed and in-ground-effect characteristics
  • replaced windshield windows detail map, with more accurate and high res textures
  • engine and flight model adjustments, stability, and accuracy improvements
  • default camera position adjusted to a more usable position for most setups
  • instrument views reworked with five more added for a total of ten (list available under notes at the bottom of this page)
  • fuel consumption adjusted to better fit real-world numbers
  • custom engine start-up logic
  • carb heat indications fixed
  • oil temperature and pressure reworked
  • auxiliary tank fix (for the enhanced version, they are fine in the default)
  • cockpit quickviews fix
  • adds a heat blur effect to the engine exhaust
  • fuel booster pump sound events corrected
  • initial external lights rework (credit to @Delta2k5)
  • PR, DE, JP, and ES localization fixes (by LincolnCFCruz, St54Kevin, cubna4, nataliacd1972 )
  • ... plus some minor tweaks and fixes with more to come in the future.


Installation :

Copy or extract the content of the archive to your community folder.

Drop by the Duckworks discord for further assistance, and bug or testing reports. If you wish to have a version with a specific feature removed, also feel free to ask on discord. 


Custom instrument views:

1 - Pilot Panel
2 - Middle Panel
3 - Copilot Panel
4 - Pedestal
5 - Under Pedestal
6 - Overhead
7 - Sperry Pilot / GPS console
8 - Cowlings / Hydr Pressure
9 - Hydraulic Levers
10- Cabin

Sim Update 11
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November 15, 2022
Dernière mise à jour
2 day(s) ago — 0.2.11



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  • Updated to version 0.2.11

  • Updated to version 0.2.1

  • Updated to version 0.2.0

  • Updated to version 0.1.9

  • Updated to version 0.1.81

  • Updated to version 0.1.8

  • Initial File Release

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314 Commentaires

Thanks a lot for this enancement, great job! Would it be possible to disable the smoke effect, if starting the engine when fuel selector and/or or ignition button are in off position?


Is it possible to use your mod in combination with this mod:

or they interfere with each other?

Will you be adding back the starter energizer and flywheel meshing sounds that have been missing in the last couple of updates?

Hello, first of all thank you for the great mod, it also worked great until the last update. Since then I can no longer do the cold start according to the checklist, but only if I turn on the master battery in addition to the GPU or only with the master battery. after I uninstalled the mod, the cold start works again according to the checklist. This should not be a complaint about the great mod, I just noticed the problem.

best regards


This time, the last update is not available for me, the simulator don't accept the size of a folder... I stay with the version before, what a pity !.. Regards and many thanks/congratulations for your hard work.

The mod doesn't seem to work for me. It's the only addon in my community folder, it is loaded into the sim according to the package manager, but e.g. checklists still remain messed up.

to start, this is my favorite mod


FIX IS FOUND - I was using my airbus throttle quadrant and if the engine starters are set to ON, it will also lock the mixture levers into place.


Welp, it's not duckworks causing the problems. anyone else have stuck mixture controls? I cant bring those back

However, newest in the newest verison 0.21 it seems I can no longer control fuel mixture. As well, when I turned the magnetos on, the engines tried to start on their own!

Very odd - wasnt having any issues like this in 0.20; I will go back a version for now.

Thanks again for the mod



3 day(s) ago / Remercié par Imenes

V2.1 works great for me, thanks for your constant improvements. The new smoke effect is really nice. The timing of the prop animations are a little ahead of the engine start sounds but I suspect you will be tackling this in due course. Keep up the great work!

Version 0.2.1 prevents the implementation of the PMS50 GTN750 into the 530/430 bezels. It is OK and allowed in v0.2.0

The Autopilot is broken. Does not follow flight plan on NAV, and instead goes the opposite direction, sometimes into the ground. Everything else is pretty good.

Edit: Most of my comment is now irrelevant. Changed from 4-5 stars, for Imenes' effort on the project

Hi I have just installed the latest version of the mod and I note I am not hearing engine noise outside and inside the cockpit even though the engines are running. If I hit ctrl e I can then hear them again! is anyone else experiencing this? is it possible to revert to the previous version which was fine?

Gonna give this version a miss to be honest i'm not sold on this mod ive flown with it once didnt see much difference to the original. Engine start up is cooky and the fact its now different to the checklist and no ones bothered to change the checklist.

i don't really see the use of persistence personally I'm sure others will though i hope in future versions this will be optional

Wondering about the "differential_braking_scale=5" setting in the "system.cfg"

This should between 0 and 1 according the SDK?

I remember AH showed that the crew door behind the pilot seat opened. Whatever happened to that? Can you open it? Love all that you had done to this plane. It was my childhood weekend flights with my dad back in the days.

Is it just me, or is the rotating beacon not working. Is it possible to create a fix, if that is the case?


我有一个问题。请回答。0.1.9之后,液压指示器现在受蓝色泵选择杆位置的影响 现在蓝色泵选择杆向后,液压指示器为零;当蓝色泵选择杆处于前进位置时,液压指示器将读取。但是,根据飞机上张贴的说明,当蓝色泵选择杆向后时,左右发动机都应提供液压;当蓝色泵选择杆处于前进位置时,右侧发动机提供液压,左侧发动机提供自动导航仪压力。我想问一下,当蓝色泵选择杆向后时,如何使液压指示器读取。是因为我没有拔出蓝色泵选择杆吗?



Please make the plane controlled by the AI ​​2 pilot.



7 day(s) ago / Remercié par Imenes

I have been using this great mod as it gets updated, but has anyone found the ideal trim setting on take off as I still bob up and down!

Just a heads up for anyone using this with prop blur mod it conflicts and causes sim to freeze during loading



7 day(s) ago / Remercié par Imenes

Thanks, works like a charm! We need DME to make this aircraft #1.

Ces articles sont actuellement sur la liste et seront traités prochainement !
Suggestion, bugs et idées pour l'avenir.

  • Version 0.2.11 December 04, 2022

    Small bugfix patch version:

    - the starter energizer and mesh sounds will now play as long as there is power provided to the main bus (this should fix the no sound for starter events for people using the unrealistic no-battery startup procedure)

    - removed livery-specific panel.cfg entries (this should fix the PMS750 mod not working for some liveries)

  • Version 0.2.1 November 30, 2022


    - initial persistency implementation. Cowl flaps, cowl flap switches, side cockpit windows, cockpit door, yoke hide, master ignition, and magnetos states will now save between flights * read notes

    - cowl flaps now change position gradually, and stay open if left so with no hydraulic pressure * read notes

    - hand-pumped hydraulic pressure will now slowly leak away

    - default code cleanup (removed superfluous master avionics switch on or off spam)

    - reworked engine startup smoke *see notes


    - With persistence, I had to create a layer around the MASTER IGNITION and MAGNETOS switches. If you use hardware to interface with the switches above use the following local variables: Duckworks_Master_Ignition (0/1), Duckworks_Switch_Magneto_1 (0/1/2/3), Duckworks_Switch_Magneto_2 (0/1/2/3), or revert to the previous version, until I make persistence an option.

    - The flap animations will not be smooth, and the new smoke effects will not be visible on some liveries if they overwrite the external XML. If you are a livery maker or use a livery that you want to see the new features with, visit our discord for instructions on how to do so.

  • Version 0.2.0 November 27, 2022

    - OAT gauge accuracy corrected

    - cockpit door can now be opened or closed with interaction

    - starter switches sound events fix

    - nosecone rivets normal map cleanup (the area is still problematic, but the broken unwarp should be slightly less noticeable, this will later be fixed properly with a decal)

    - corrected Spanish translations (credit nataliacd1972)

  • Version 0.1.9 November 25, 2022

    - hydraulic indications are now affected by the blue pump selector lever position (collab with dk1000)

    - the amount of cargo displayed in the back of the cargo version now dynamically changes depending on the amount of payload (pilot, copilot, and fuel weights excluded)

    - side window positions can now be controlled incrementally

    - carb heat levers can now be controlled incrementally

    - added a click spot to the captain side foldable armrest itself

    - GotFriends sound.xml compatibility fixes (removed landing gear horn and scaping)

  • Version 0.1.81 November 22, 2022

    - adjusted momentary timers (the time that springloaded switches stay in commanded position) on starter energize and mesh motor switches, this should make startup more comfortable


    Engine startup has been reworked from v 0.1.8+, the motor mesh switch now has three positions (left, off, right) and the logic is less forgiving. For the best success rate follow the referenced SOP steps below:

    1. Right fuel booster pump "ON"; and check fuel pressure.
    2. Energize starter "right engine" for 10-15 seconds (never more than 30 seconds).
    3. Mesh "right engine", allowing the engine to turn over at least two rotations.
    4. While engine is turning, right ignition switch - "Both".
    5. Press Priming switch - "As required" to obtain a smooth start.
    6. As soon as engine fires - Mixture control - "Automatic Rich". (This is done for you since the plane uses auto mixture by default, will get a full mixture auto rich/lean system later)
    7. Right fuel booster pump "OFF"

    * repeat for the left engine, and have your throttles opened about an inch, give her more if she is struggling, remember, those radial engines don't always listen to your commands if at first, you don't succeed, give it another shot

  • Version 0.1.8 November 21, 2022

    - engine startup logic and involving switches rewritten

    - fixed HDG select needle animation (wrapping)

    - re-enables shortcuts for selected heading on the retrofit version

    - RPM lever is now at full forward on cold and dark spawn

    - beta_max adjustment (credit CCM)

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