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  • Version 1.2 January 10, 2021

  • Version 1.1 January 10, 2021

  • Sorti December 13, 2020

    La première version de ce fichier vient de sortir. Bienvenue à bord !

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42 Commentaires

Looks really good. Kefallinia LGKF is so much better than the msfs scenery but I have been getting CTDs intermittantly when loading the msfs welcome screen

unless I remove LGKF from the community folder.

Thank you so much !!!

The runways at LGKV are completely outdated. There are no 05LR/23LR ... there are only 05/23 ... the parallel runway 05L/23R is closed and will now be used as taxiway.



where is part 1?
I'm doing the "It's All Greek To Me" tour on SkyPark, and just landed at LGKF. Couldn't believe how great it looked, and had to come back on here & confirm where I got it. Beautiful job.
Thank you for your work. I was looking forward to LGKJ Kastallorizo a captain's only landing and approach. Probably the most difficult in all of greece
I thought Greece was a small rocky country made up of a bunch of Islands...
Many thanks !!
A thousand thanks. Excellent job [LGKF FANTASTIC]
Many thanks!
V1-1 OR V1-2 ,,,,,
Great scenerys.
But please work on this: Are you aware of the conflict of using sample model naming like mycompany and modellib.bgl?
I change all my addons, include yours and I don´t wonna do this on every update again. Thank you.
version 1.1 is not here. File to download is the same old one with most recent content dated 2020-12-12
today i noticed LGTT has also uneven ground at one end of the runway in the taxi/parking area. Big downhill , 😊
Great job thanks for that. Could you please do the Rhodes Airport LGRP? Or is there somewhere that hadn't seen him. If not that would be great.
Hi, wonderful looking scenery. Are you aware of the conflict of using sample model naming like mycompany and modellib.bgl? "According to official info we got from Asobo, two filenames in different packages that have the same name AND the same path IT'S A CONFLICT. This came up straight from Asobo, so we can safely assume is correct."

How to Fix using unique naming:
Thank you for these great airports. Is there a Part 1, 2 and 3? I don't see them here on

EDIT: Sorry bout that, just found them using search. Cheers
just brilliant ,is there any chance LGKV: MEGAS ALEXANDROS AIRPORT could have a named airport on building ? thank you for your hard work.
Kudos my friend, thank you for this Xmas gift !!

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